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ACOPower Review: Batteries, Solar Panels, and RV Solar Kits

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Welcome to our brand summary of ACOPower, a California-based brand known for its off-grid and portable power solutions. This article aims to provide a fully objective overview to equip you with all the necessary information to make the best purchasing decisions for your needs. Whether you’re a camper, RV or boat owner, a survivalist, or just someone wanting sustainable solutions, ACOPower might just have the products for you.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the wide range of products ACOPower offers, starting with their solar generators/power stations, then moving onto their batteries, solar panels, and accessories. For each product category, we’ll look at the top options available and their specifications. We’ll also compare ACOPower to their competitors in the solar-powered products industry. Finally, we’ll end this article with a brief guide on where to find ACOPower products. 

Please note: Whilst ACOPower is based in California, they do offer US and international shipping (including to the UK) on their website. 

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Portable Power Stations

ACOPower’s range of portable solar generators and power stations, including the high-capacity P5000 and the efficient ACOPOWER P2001 and BP2000, delivers reliable and sustainable power for various needs. Their products feature advanced LiFePO4 technology and innovative charging options, catering to both outdoor adventures and emergency backup with safety, efficiency, and durability.

ACOPOWER P5000 Portable Power Station

acopower solar generator

Price (UK): £2,420 sale (£3,227 full price)
Price (US): $2,999 ($3,999 full price)

Power (W): 2200
Capacity (Wh): 5120

AC Input (W): 1800
Solar Input (W): 1000 

Massive 5120Wh capacity and 2200W inverter for high-power devices, super fast recharge, durable LiFePO4 battery with up to a 10-year lifespan, and plug & play design for ease of use.

ACOPOWER P2001 Portable Power Station

acopower p2001

Price (UK): £1,049
Price (US): $1,299 

Power (W): 2000
Capacity (Wh): 2000

AC Input (W): 1500
Solar Input (W): 500

2000Wh capacity and a 2000W inverter with up to 4000W surge, super fast recharge with 0-80% in 1.5 hours, compatible with any solar panels for efficient solar power storage.

ACOPOWER BP2000 Solar Generator

acopower solar generator

Price (UK): £1,210
Price (US): $1,499

Power (W): 2000
Capacity (Wh): up to 16384 combined

AC Input (W): 1500
Solar Input (W): 1000

Huge capacity of 16384Wh (expand up to 7x B2000 Expansion Batteries (each 2048Wh, at £724/battery)), fast charging with max AC 1800W to 80% in 1.5 hours, LiFePO4 battery with lifespan of up to 10 years.


As well as their portable solar generators and power stations, ACOPower also offer 4 different battery options: two Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries (12V/100Ah, and 12V/200Ah), and two Rechargeable Gel Deep Cycle Batteries (also 12V/100Ah, and 12V/200Ah).

ACOPOWER 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

acopower battery

Price (UK): £298
Price (US): $369

Power (V): 12 
Capacity (Ah/Wh): 100 / 1280

Battery: LiFePO4 

This LiFePO4 battery, weighing just 23.8 lbs and IP65 waterproof, features a BMS for top safety and over 4000 cycles at 100Ah/1280Wh capacity. With 100A+ continuous discharge, it’s perfect for home storage, UPS, and mobile applications.

ACOPOWER 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery


Price (UK): £637
Price (US): $789

Power (V): 12
Capacity (Ah/Wh): 200 / 2560

Battery: LiFePO4 

Featuring a BMS for safety and an IP65 waterproof rating, this lightweight (48.94 lbs) LiFePO4 battery boasts a long lifespan of 4000+ cycles with 200Ah/2560Wh capacity. Ideal for RVs, marine, and home storage, it offers 200A continuous discharge. 

HYG12-200Ah Rechargeable Gel Deep Cycle 12V 200Ah Battery

acopower battery

Price (UK): £314
Price (US): £389

Power (V): 12
Capacity (Ah): 200

Battery: Lead acid

ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and UL certified, this battery features a durable ABS case resistant to harsh conditions and is versatile for solar, UPS, and emergency systems. Comes with a 30-day money-back and 1-year warranty.

12-100Ah Rechargeable Gel Deep Cycle 12V 100 Ah Battery

Best Solar Solutions

Price (UK): £193
Price (US): $239 

Power (V): 12 
Capacity (Ah):

Battery: Lead acid 

Made from high-quality, safe materials in a durable ABS case, this battery is ideal for alarm systems, emergency lighting, standby power, and renewable energy setups.

RV Solar Kits

ACOPower offers three different solar panel types in their RV solar kits: Mono, Polycrystalline, and Flexible Solar. These kits are comprehensive, including not just solar panels but also charge controllers (a choice of MPPT or PWM), cables, and installation accessories, providing everything needed for a seamless setup. Customers can tailor their purchase to their specific power needs, with kits available in sizes from 100W to 800W, ensuring a perfect fit for their RV’s energy requirements and making the transition to solar power both easy and efficient.

Mono Solar RV Kits + MPPT/PWM Charge Controller

acopower solar kits

Price range (UK): £142 – £1,117
Price range (US): from $175.90
Cell type: Monocrystalline 

Power: up to 800W 
Panel options: 100W or 200W panels (up to 8x 100W or 4x 200W)
Charge controllers: PWM (20A) or MPT (30A, 40A, 50A, 60A) 
Panel efficiency: 22% 
Panel dimensions: 
100W: 9.5kg, 1130x510x35 mm 
200W: 12kg, 1390x700x33 mm

Up to 800W with monocrystalline panels at 22% efficiency, available in 100W or 200W options, paired with PWM or MPPT controllers from 20A to 60A, ensuring a durable and efficient power solution with a 25-year lifespan.

acopower solar kits

Price range (UK): £137 – £964 
Price range (US): from $169.90
Cell type: Polycrystalline 

Power: up to 800W 
Panel options: 100W (up to 8x 100W) 
Charge controllers: PWM (20A) or MPT (30A, 40A, 50A, 60A)
Panel efficiency: (not stated)
Panel dimensions: 9.5kg, 1020x670x35mm

Up to 800W with polycrystalline panels at 14.35% efficiency in 100W configurations, compatible with PWM or MPPT controllers ranging from 20A to 60A, designed for reliable and long-term use.

Flexible Solar RV Kit + MPPT/PWM Charge Controller

acopower solar kits

Price range (UK): £265 – £1,157
Price range (US): from $328.90
Cell type: Sunpower solar cell 

Power: up to 500W 
Panel options: 110W flexible panels (up to 5x per kit) 
Charge controllers: PWM (20A) or MPT (30A, 40A, 50A)
Panel efficiency: 20.5% 
Panel dimensions: 2.2kg, 1070x540x3mm

Up to 500W using Sunpower solar cells at 20.5% efficiency in 110W flexible panels, includes a waterproof PWM charge controller compatible with various battery types, and features a bendable design up to 27 degrees for versatile installations.

The Mono Solar RV Kits, priced between £142.00 and £1,117.00, feature high-efficiency monocrystalline cells with a panel efficiency of 22% and options up to 800W, available in 100W or 200W panels. These kits are complemented by charge controllers (PWM or MPPT) that can handle 20A to 60A, suitable for a wide range of applications. The Polycrystalline Solar RV Kits, with prices ranging from £137.00 to £964.00, offer up to 800W power through 100W panels, incorporating a similar charge controller flexibility. Both types of kits include durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames, ensuring a 25-year lifespan, and offer ultra-fast tracking speeds and electronic protections against common electrical issues.

The Flexible Solar Panel Kit stands out for its adaptability and portability, priced between £265.00 and £1,157.00. It offers up to 500W with 110W flexible panels that can bend up to 27 degrees, ideal for varied installations on RVs, boats, and more. Made from high-efficiency Sunpower solar cells with a 20.5% panel efficiency, these kits include a waterproof PWM charge controller compatible with eight different battery types. This kit is designed for durability and efficiency, with a lightweight, ETFE design ensuring a longer lifespan of 15 years.

All ACOPower solar kits are equipped with smart APP control for easy monitoring and Bluetooth control, providing a programmable interface with a multi-function LCD for displaying system information. These kits manage the charging process through three distinct stages—bulk, absorption, and float charging—to ensure optimal battery charging, maximizing lifespan and performance while preventing overcharging. The charge controllers achieve an efficiency of 80-90%, enabling solar panels to operate at their maximum power point for the highest output.

Foldable Solar Panels

ACOPower’s range of foldable solar panels offers a versatile selection of portable energy solutions designed to meet a variety of outdoor power needs. From lightweight, compact models perfect for casual outdoor activities to powerful, high-capacity panels ideal for more demanding off-grid applications, ACOPower provides durable, efficient, and easy-to-use solar solutions for adventurers and eco-conscious consumers alike. 

ACOPower have a number of different foldable panels to choose from, so we’ve narrowed down the range to our top four picks to look at in closer detail:  

240W Foldable Solar Panel with ProteusX 20A Charge Controller

ACOPower Solar Solutions

Price (UK): £532.00
Price (US): $658.80 

Output: 240W (2x 120W panels)
Cell Type: Monocrystalline 
Efficiency: Up to 25% 

Controller: 20A LCD waterproof charge controller compatible with 8 battery types, including Lithium-ion and LiFePO4 

Lightweight design with handle, external pocket for accessories, and 3 support legs for easy setup. High-efficiency monocrystalline with a 20A waterproof charge controller, smart USB charging, portable setup. 

Ltk 50W Foldable Solar Panel Kit Suitcase

off-grid solar panels

Price (UK): £121.00
Price (US): $149.80

Output: 50W (1x 50W panel)
Cell Type: Monocrystalline SunPower 
Efficiency: 21.5-23.5% 

Controller: 5A charge controller with USB output for 12V battery charge

Ultra-lightweight design at 2.6kg with a compact storage size of 361x290mm, waterproof and durable for outdoor use. Features a high-efficiency SunPower solar array with a 5A charge controller, USB output for charging devices, and battery-ready with safety ensured.

120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable Suitcase w/ Built In Integrated Output Box

foldable solar panels

Price (UK): £201.00
Price (US): $249.00

Output: 120W (1x 120W panel) 
Cell Type: Monocrystalline
Efficiency: Up to 25% 

Controller: Not included; designed for direct charging with built-in integrated output box

Features a lightweight, tri-fold suitcase design for easy setup and portability, perfect for RVs, boats, and outdoor electronics. Ultra-compact (559x432x25mm stowed) with a large solar surface (1422x559mm open), includes adjustable stands for optimal placement.

Plk 120W Portable Solar Panel Kit, Lightweight Briefcase with 20A Charge Controller

off-grid solar panels

Price (UK): £226.00
Price (US): $279.99 

Output: 120W (1x 120W panel) (ideal output of 600Wh/day depending on sunlight) 
Cell Type: Monocrystalline 
Efficiency: Up to 25% 

Controller: 20A LCD Charge Controller, waterproof, compatible with 8 battery types, including Lithium-ion and LiFePO4. 

Lightweight (6.4kg) and portable with a folded size of 610x508x51mm, features a pre-installed stand for easy setup, waterproof and compact design. Compatible with solar generators and 12V batteries, includes MC-4 connectors/Anderson plug for easy installation to RVs, campers, and trailers.

And here’s why we picked the above models as our favourite options from this range: 

  • Most Powerful: ACOPower 240W Foldable Solar Panel with ProteusX 20A Charge Controller – This is the most powerful foldable solar panel in the selection, ideal for users needing maximum power output for their off-grid energy solutions.
  • Cheapest Option: ACOPower 50W Foldable Solar Panel at £121.00 ($140.80) – As the most affordable option, it’s perfect for those just starting with solar or needing a small, portable power solution for light use.
  • Unique Feature: ACOPOWER 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable Suitcase With Built-In Integrated Output Box – this panel combines a moderate power output with the convenience of an integrated output box, streamlining setup and use for those who appreciate ease of operation.
  • Lightweight & Portable: ACOPOWER 120W Light Weight Foldable Solar Panel Kit, Waterproof ProteusX 20A LCD Charge Controller – this kit not only offers a good balance of power and portability but also includes a waterproof charge controller, making it suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who need lightweight, durable solar power solutions. Whilst not quite as light as the 50W Foldable option (6.4kg vs 2.6kg), we think it makes up for it by its greater output. 

Off-Grid Solar Panels

200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

off-grid solar panels

Price (UK): £146 – £689 (1-4 packs)
Price (US): from $179.80 

Output (W): 200
Cell Type:

Dimensions (mm): 1491x680x36 
Weight (kg): 12

Easy installation with pre-drilled holes, high-quality mechanical properties withstanding extreme conditions, and 25-year output and 5-year workmanship warranty. Application uses: home roof-top, outdoor water pumps, solar plants. 

110W 12V Flexible ETFE Solar Panel with Connector

off-grid solar panels

Price (UK): £144 – £699 (1-5 packs)
Price (US): from $177.90

Output (W): 110
Cell Type: Monocrystalline 

Dimensions (mm): 1070x540x3mm 
Weight (kg): 2.2 

Ultra-light (2.2 kg) and portable, can flex up to 27 degrees, making it perfect for RVs, boats, and unconventional surfaces, with a unique frameless design for easy installation.

5W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

off-grid solar panels

Price (UK): £19.00 
Price (US): $22.90

Output (W): 5
Cell Type: Monocrystalline

Dimensions (mm): not given
Weight (kg): not given 

Ideal for small off-grid applications, easy to set up with pre-drilled holes, durable against high wind and snow loads, making it perfect for camping, marine, and RV use. Compact and portable. 

100W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

off-grid solar panels

Price (UK): £73 – £441.00 (1-5 packs)
Price (US): from $89.99 

Output (W): 100
Cell Type: Polycrystalline

Dimensions (mm): not given
Weight (kg): not given 

Features easy installation with pre-drilled holes and comes with a waterproof IP-65 rated junction box, capable of withstanding high winds and snow loads, ideal for off-grid systems in RVs, cars, and boats.

Here’s why we chose them: 

  • Most Power: ACOPower 200W 12 Volts Monocrystalline for Water Pumps, Residential Power Supply – this panel is ideal for significant off-grid applications, including residential power supplies and water pumps, offering the highest wattage.
  • Versatility: ACOPower 110W 12V Flexible Thin lightweight ETFE Solar Panel with Connector – the flexibility and ETFE construction make this panel versatile for various installations, from RVs to boats, and adaptable to different surfaces.
  • Cheapest Option: ACOPower 5 Watts 12V Mono Solar Panel – as the most affordable option at £19.00, this panel is perfect for small-scale applications like battery maintenance or small DIY projects. 
  • Alternative Type: ACOPower 15W Polycrystalline Solar Panel for 12 Volt Battery Charging – as a departure from the predominantly monocrystalline selection, this polycrystalline panel offers a balance between efficiency and cost, suitable for those looking for an alternative with reliable performance.

ACOPower vs Competitors

Now let’s compare ACOPower’s offerings to those of other brands like Bluetti, Jackery, Renogy, Victron, and EcoFlow. 

Product Range: 

ACOPower and Renogy both offer a broad product range, including portable solar generators, a variety of solar panels (flexible, monocrystalline, polycrystalline), and comprehensive solar kits. This wide range allows them to cater to a diverse customer base, from those seeking portable power solutions for camping and RV use to more permanent off-grid solar setups for homes. ACOPower’s flexible solar panels, for example, provide an innovative solution for users requiring adaptable installation options.


Price-wise, ACOPower positions itself competitively within the market, taking up a similar position to Jackery. ACOPower’s product range, such as their flexible solar panels and portable power stations, are priced to appeal to budget-conscious consumers looking for reliable and efficient solar energy solutions without a high cost of entry.

Performance and Design: 

Comparing the performance and portability aspects, ACOPower’s products are designed to offer a balance similar to EcoFlow’s emphasis on fast-charging technology and portable design. While Bluetti focuses on high-capacity power solutions and EcoFlow on rapid recharging capabilities, ACOPower ensures its products are lightweight and efficient, aiming to meet the needs of users prioritizing ease of transport and flexibility in their solar power setups.

In terms of battery technology and solar panel efficiency, ACOPower competes by offering products that incorporate advanced technologies for efficient energy conversion and storage, though Bluetti and EcoFlow have showcased leading-edge innovations in these areas, such as Bluetti’s use of LiFePO4 batteries for longevity and EcoFlow’s fast-charging power stations.

In Summary

  • Product Range: ACOPower offers a varied product lineup that includes portable power solutions and solar panels, similar to Renogy’s extensive catalog, catering to both entry-level and experienced solar energy users.
  • Pricing Strategy: ACOPower’s pricing is competitive, aiming to provide affordable solutions much like Jackery, ensuring access to solar power without a significant financial barrier.
  • Technological Innovation: While ACOPower introduces efficient and practical solar products, brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow lead in high-capacity and fast-charging innovations, respectively. ACOPower’s offerings, such as their ETFE flexible solar panels, reflect a focus on adapting to user needs for versatility and installation ease.
  • Portability and Efficiency: ACOPower emphasizes portable and user-friendly designs, targeting consumers who value convenience and simplicity in their solar power setups, a market demand similarly addressed by EcoFlow’s design philosophy.
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