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Bluetti vs EcoFlow: Best Generators, Solar Panels, and more

  • Post last modified:28 May 2024
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Looking for the best brand for your off-grid or solar power needs? Bluetti and EcoFlow are both popular choices and well-respected brands, offering similar product ranges of portable power stations and solar generator kits. Here, we will break down the best products from each brand to help you make the right decision for your needs. 

We’ll begin by giving you a summary of each brand’s product ranges, before diving deeper into each product category. For the most popular categories – portable power stations, solar generators, solar panels, batteries, and home backup solutions – we’ll explore the options available from each brand. We’ll highlight our top recommendations for different categories (for high power, mid-range, and budget needs), detail the specifications, design, and use cases of their products, and provide a thorough look at what customers have to say through feedback and reviews.

Product Ranges

Bluetti and EcoFlow offer very similar product ranges, with both brands offering products within the categories of portable power station, solar generators, solar panels, batteries, home backup solutions, and accessories. Additionally, both brands offer refurbished models of some of their products at a discounted price. As of the time of writing (April 2024), the differences lie in that EcoFlow provide both portable and mountable solar panels, whilst Bluetti only provide portable panels. Furthermore, Bluetti offer CPAP-specific power solutions for those in need of reliable CPAP-compatible machines, whilst EcoFlow don’t have anything tailored specifically for CPAP machines. 

Portable Power Stations

A portable power station is a compact, off-grid system which uses a rechargeable battery to provide electricity. Compared to power banks, which often only provide USB outlets, portable power stations have a higher output, a larger capacity, and additional outlets (e.g. AC/wall) so that they can power a range of appliances.

Unlike simple batteries, portable power stations have additional components, such as a charge controller and an inverter. The charge controller regulates the power input and conversion from AC or DC sources, while the inverter converts the stored DC power back into AC power, which allows it to power standard appliances. 

When selecting a portable power station, you should consider the following key metrics:

  • Battery Capacity (Wh): The total energy capacity of the portable power station, which determines how long it can power devices (measured in Watt hours). 
  • Output (W): The maximum power output of the portable power station, which affects the type and number of devices it can run simultaneously. 
  • Battery chemistry: While this is tied closely to capacity and charging speed, you should always consider the battery chemistry of your portable power station, as this influences not only the durability of the product, but also the portability and safety. The most stable and hence safe battery type is the LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate), which is also the heaviest. 
  • Charging speed: How quickly the station can be recharged, which varies based on the charge controller’s efficiency and the type of recharging (e.g. AC, solar, car). 
  • Lifespan: How many charge/discharge cycles the portable power station can go through before the battery capacity is reduced to a specified percentage (e.g. 500 cycles to 80% capacity).
  • Portability: A combination of factors including the weight, size, and ease of carrying. Typically, the higher the battery capacity of a portable power station, the heavier and larger it will be. Some larger models feature wheels for better mobility.
  • Additional features: Includes the number and types of output ports (e.g. USB, AC), charging options (e.g. AC, solar, car), and extra functionalities like app integration for remote management. 

Bluetti has a wide range of portable power stations for camping and outdoor use. They are tailored for different budgets and applications, from their 300W, 204Wh AC2A model, priced at £229 ($249), to their 2,400W, 2,048Wh AC200L model, priced at £1,399 ($1,999). Many of their power stations are expandable with additional batteries. 

Bluetti also have a ‘Premium Series’ of their portable power stations – with model names all ending in ‘P’, and featuring a sleek orange design (which, it must be said, is pretty reminiscent of Jackery products…). These models boast faster charging capabilities (1 hour AC turbo-charging and efficient solar charging), are more powerful and compact, have modular design for flexible capacity, feature a power-lifting mode, have longer lifespan (using LFP batteries and their ‘battery management system’), and also offer remote monitoring through the Bluetti app.

EcoFlow’s power stations are divided up between their ‘DELTA Series‘ and their ‘RIVER Series‘, with the DELTA range offering more powerful models, whilst the RIVER series is aimed at lower budgets with gentler outputs. Their DELTA range also includes their home back-up solutions such as the DELTA Pro Ultra, and they similarly offer accessories and expandable battery options for many of their products. 

Bluetti: Our Top Power Station Picks

High Power: BLUETTI AC200L

portable power stations: high power

Price (UK): £1,399 (£1,799)
Price (US): $1,399 ($1,999)

Power (W): 2400 
Capacity (Wh): 2048 

Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
Weight: 28.3 kg / 62.4 lbs
Dimensions: 420×280×366.5 mm / 16.5×11×14.4 in 
Warranty: 5 years

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (23)

Life Cycles: 3,000+ Cycles to 80% Capacity.
Charging Options: AC, Solar, Car.
Charging Time:
AC: 1.5 Hours
Solar: 2.5 Hours
Car: 10-20 Hours 
Scalability: Expandable capacity (4,096Wh with 1x B230, or 8,192Wh with 2x B300)

Mid-Range: BLUETTI AC70

portable power stations: mid range

Price (UK): £649 (£699)
Price (US): $449 ($699)

Power (W): 1000
Capacity (Wh): 768

Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄ 
Weight: 10.2 kg / 22.5 lbs 
Dimensions: 314×209.5×256 mm / 12.4×8.2×10.1 in
Warranty: 5 years

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (18)

Life Cycles: 3,000+ Cycles to 80% Capacity.
Charging Options: AC, Solar, Car.
Charging Time: 
AC: 1.5 Hours 
Solar: 2.5 Hours
Car: 10-20 Hours
Scalability: Expandable capacity.


portable power stations: budget

Price (UK): £229 (£269)
Price (US): $159 ($249)

Power (W): 300
Capacity (Wh): 204

Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄ 
Weight: 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs
Dimensions: 250×157×175 mm / 9.8×6.1×6.8 in
Warranty: 5 years

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (16) 

Life Cycles: 3,000+ Cycles to 80%.
Charging Options:
AC, Solar, Car.
Charging Time:
AC: 1.2 Hours (270W Turbo Charging)
Solar: 1.5 Hours (200W max) 
Car: not specified, but can be charged whilst driving 
Scalability: No

Key Takeaways:

  • Users appreciate the versatility and reliability of the Bluetti AC200L portable power station.
  • Many users find the AC200L to be an excellent solution for both emergency power backup and off-grid living.
  • The fast charging capability and ability to power various appliances receive positive feedback.
  • The compact design and ease of use make it a convenient option for various applications, including RVs, camping, and home use.
  • Customers value the excellent customer service and prompt response from Bluetti.


  • Versatile and reliable performance suitable for emergency backup and off-grid living.
  • Fast charging capability, allowing quick replenishment of power.
  • Compact design and ease of use make it convenient for various applications.
  • Excellent customer service and prompt response from Bluetti.
  • Ability to power a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs.
  • Compatible with solar panels for renewable energy charging.


  • Some users encountered difficulties in understanding the charging process initially, highlighting the need for clearer instructions.
  • Price may be considered a downside for some, although users acknowledge the value provided.
  • Concerns about delivery times and packaging issues were raised by a few users.
  • Limited battery capacity may not be sufficient for prolonged usage without additional batteries.
  • Some users experienced minor issues with connectivity or setup, although these were resolved with assistance from Bluetti’s customer support team.
(Note: customer reviews and feedback were sourced from the AC200L product pages from BLUETTI’s US, Canada, UK, and Australia webpages.) 

Key Takeaways:

  • Many users praised the AC70 for its exceptional reliability and performance across various scenarios, including camping trips, emergency backup, and outdoor activities.
  • Many users were impressed by its user-friendly design and rapid charging capabilities, particularly when coupled with compatible solar panels, making it a versatile and efficient power solution.
  • Its compact size and portability were frequently cited as major highlights, enabling users to conveniently carry it for on-the-go power needs.


  • Reliability: Numerous customers commended the AC70 for its consistent and reliable performance, often describing it as a dependable backup power source during unexpected outages.
  • Ease of Use: The power station received accolades for its straightforward operation and intuitive interface, allowing users to easily navigate its features and functions.
  • Quick Charging: With its rapid charging capabilities, especially when paired with compatible solar panels, the AC70 impressed users with its ability to quickly recharge, ensuring uninterrupted power supply in various situations.
  • Compact and Portable: The AC70’s compact and lightweight design made it highly portable, enabling users to carry it effortlessly during camping trips, outdoor adventures, or emergencies.


  • Missing Features: Some users expressed disappointment over the absence of certain features, such as wireless charging, which they expected to be included in a premium portable power station.
  • Performance in Extreme Conditions: While the AC70 generally performed well, a few users reported issues with its performance under extreme weather conditions, particularly in hot temperatures, where it struggled to sustain power output for certain devices over extended periods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lightweight yet powerful portable power station.
  • Suitable for charging electronics during camping trips and outdoor activities.
  • Compact size and ease of use make it convenient for various applications.
  • Positive feedback on its ability to charge devices for multiple days.
  • Some users plan to explore larger Bluetti models for increased power capacity.


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy portability.
  • Reliable power source for camping trips and outdoor use.
  • Able to charge electronics for multiple days.
  • Positive feedback on its ability to charge various devices effectively.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows monitoring of power status remotely.
  • Affordable price compared to larger Bluetti models.


  • Some users suggest including options for car charging cables or solar charging cables with the unit.
  • Limited capacity for running high-power appliances like air conditioners or heaters.
  • Limited number of output ports may be insufficient for users with multiple devices.
  • Initial confusion reported regarding the need for additional charging cables.
  • Minor issues reported with incorrect accessories being included in orders.

(Note: prices subject to change.) 

Portable Power Station Price AC Output (W) Capacity (Wh) Max Solar Input (W) AC input (W)
BLUETTI AC180 £549/$929 sale (£1099/$999 full price) 1,800 1,152 500 1,440 (0-80% in 45 mins)
BLUETTI AC200L $1,699 sale ($1,999 full price) 2,400 2,048 1,200 2,400 (0-80% in 45 mins)
BLUETTI AC60 £499/$649 sale (£699/$699 full price) 600 403 200 600 (Turbo Charging, 100% in 1-1.5 hours) 
BLUETTI AC2A £209/$179 sale (£299/$249 full price) 300 204 200 270 (Turbo Charging, 80% in 45 mins)
BLUETTI EB3A £239/$209 sale (£299/$299 full price) 600 268 200 430 (Fast Charging, 80% in 30 mins)
BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable £1,399/$1,499 sale (£1,799/$1,699 full price) 2,200 2,048 900 500 (= total 1,400W max dual charging)
BLUETTI AC200P £1,199/$1,199 sale (£1,399/$1,499 full price) 2,000 2,000 700 400 (= total 1,100W max dual charging)
BLUETTI EB55 £399 sale (£599/$499 full price) 700 537 200 200 (= total 400W max fast dual charging)
BLUETTI EB70S $449 sale ($649 full price) 800 716 200 (AC recharge in 4-4.5 hrs)
BLUETTI PS72 $399 700 716 200 200

EcoFlow: Our Top Power Station Picks

High Power: EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max

solar portable power stations: ecoflow delta 2 max

Price (UK): £1,899 
Price (US): $1,699 ($1,899)

Power (W): 2400
Capacity (Wh): 2048

Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
Weight: 23 kg / 50 lbs
Dimensions: 497 × 242 × 305 mm / 19.6 × 9.5 × 12 in 
Warranty: 5 years 

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (126)

Life Cycles: 3000 cycles to 80% capacity
Charging Options: AC, Solar, Car. 
Charging Time: 
AC: 1.1 Hours to 80% 
Dual AC + Solar: 43 mins to 80% 
Solar: 2.3 Hours (1000W solar input)
Car: Not specified 

Mid-Range: EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro

portable power stations: mid range

Price (UK): £599 (£649)
Price (US): $469 ($599)

Power (W): 800
Capacity (Wh): 768

Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
Weight: 7.8 kg / 17.2 lbs
Dimensions: 270 x 260 x 226 mm / 10.6 x 10.2 x 8.9 in
Warranty: 5 years 

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (205)

Life Cycles: 3000 cycles to 80% capacity 
Charging Options: AC, Solar, USB-C, Car. 
Charging Time: 
AC: 70 minutes (940W Max)
Solar: 3.5 Hours (1x 220W portable panel) 
USB-C: 9 Hours
Car: 9 Hours (100W max) 

EcoFlow RIVER 2

budget portable power station: ecoflow river 2

Price (UK): £199 (£209
Price (US): $219 ($239)

Power (W): 300
Capacity (Wh): 256

Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
Weight: 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs
Dimensions: 245x214x142 mm / 9.6×8.4×5.6 in
Warranty: 5 years

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (81)

Life Cycles: 3000+ Cycles to 80% 
Charging Options: AC, Solar, Car.
Charging Time:
AC: 1 Hour (360W Max)
Solar: 2.5 Hours (1x 110W panel)
Car: 3 Hours
USB-C: 6 hrs  

Key Takeaways:

  • The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max is highly praised for its versatility, portability, and reliability.
  • Users appreciate the long battery life, ease of use, and ability to power a variety of devices.
  • It’s particularly useful for camping, off-grid living, emergency preparedness, and powering appliances during power outages.
  • The EcoFlow app allows for convenient monitoring of battery status and control of the system remotely.


  • Excellent battery life: Users have reported running appliances for extended periods, such as a refrigerator for up to 36 hours, with significant battery capacity remaining.
  • Versatility: The Delta 2 Max can power a range of devices, from refrigerators and freezers to CPAP machines, laptops, and lights, making it suitable for various scenarios.
  • Portability: Despite its power, the Delta 2 Max is relatively lightweight and easy to move around, making it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities.
  • Expandability: Users have the option to add extra batteries for increased capacity, providing even more backup power when needed.
  • Convenient app control: The EcoFlow app allows users to monitor battery status, control the system remotely, and receive alerts, enhancing ease of use and peace of mind.


  • Price adjustments: Some users were frustrated by price adjustments, particularly during sales events, where they were unable to secure the advertised discount.
  • Solar panel connections: A few users mentioned the need for longer cords or adapters to improve the connection between the solar panels and the generator, suggesting room for improvement in this area.
  • Weight: Some users found the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max to be heavy, which could be a drawback for those who require easier portability or have difficulty lifting heavier items. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Highly recommended for camping trips, providing reliable power for various electronics and appliances.
  • Fast charging capability and intuitive operation make it a convenient option for outdoor activities.
  • Users appreciate its lightweight design and portability, along with its ability to run essential devices for extended periods.


  • Perfect companion for camping trips, providing reliable power for essential electronics and appliances.
  • Fast charging feature and compatibility with solar panels make it convenient for outdoor use.
  • Lightweight and portable design, coupled with intuitive operation, enhance user experience.
  • Excellent customer service and expedited shipping were reported by some users.
  • High capacity and versatile functionality suitable for a wide range of applications, including off-grid living and emergency backup power. 


  • Some users experienced difficulties with car charging.
  • Initial setup and registration process can be confusing for some.
  • Limited instructions included in the package, leading to some frustration.
  • Issues reported with compatibility or functionality with specific devices.
  • Higher price point compared to other portable power solutions.
  • Some users found the units to be lacking in power storage for larger appliances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customers praised the RIVER 2 for its use in emergencies, such as during power outages or natural disasters.
  • Customers appreciate its versatility in charging various devices, from phones to heating blankets.
  • The RIVER 2 offers fast charging capabilities and long-lasting battery life, making it suitable for extended use.
  • Its portability and lightweight design make it convenient for camping, outdoor activities, and travel.
  • Users value the app interface for easy monitoring and control of the power station remotely.
  • Some customers find it useful as a backup power source for camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities.


  • Versatile charging options for different devices.
  • Fast charging and long battery life.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • App interface for remote monitoring and control.
  • Useful for emergency situations and outdoor activities.
  • Good customer service and support.


  • A few customers experienced issues with the advertised charging times (taking longer to charge than advertised).
  • Limited capacity for powering larger appliances like coffee makers.
  • Lack of cover over 12V outlet when not in use.
  • Some users wished for a dedicated carry case with a shoulder strap for easier transport.
  • Initial setup and registration process may be confusing for some users.
  • Mixed experiences with delivery and tracking, with some customers reporting delays or issues.

(Note: prices subject to change.)

Portable Power Station Price (GBP / USD) AC Output (W) Capacity (Wh) Max Solar Input (W) AC input (W)
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max £1,899.00 / $1,699 2,400 2,000 – 6,000 800 1,800
EcoFlow DELTA 2 £899.00 / $899 1,800 1,000 500 1,200
EcoFlow DELTA Pro £2,499.00 / $2,999 3,600 3,600 – 25,000 1,600 2,900
EcoFlow DELTA Max £999.00 / $1,599 2,400 2,000 – 6,000 800 2,000
EcoFlow DELTA From $899 1,800 1,200 400 1,200
EcoFlow DELTA mini From $549 1,400 882 300 900
EcoFlow RIVER 2 £209 / $219 300 256 110 360
EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max £499 / $469 500 512 220 660
EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro £649.00 / $569 800 768 220 940
EcoFlow RIVER Pro From $479 600 720 – 1,440 200 660

Solar Generators

The definition of ‘solar generators’ ranges slightly from brand-to-brand, depending on what’s contained in the box. For some brands, solar generators and portable power stations are synonymous. The short answer: solar generators are portable power stations that come with compatible solar panels. 

Indeed, some may question whether they should truly be called ‘generators’, given by how much the solar variety differs from its traditional gas-powered counterparts. 

Both Bluetti and EcoFlow’s solar generator range are based on their offerings of portable power stations. For example, Bluetti’s ‘AC200P Portable Power Station’ becomes the ‘AC200P Generator Kit’ when paired with solar panels and additional battery options. 

As such, our picks for best solar generators from each brand are largely unchanged from the above. (However, please note that occasionally, not all portable power stations are offered as solar generator kits.)

A 'solar generator' is just the term for a portable power station with solar panels included (and sometimes with options for additional battery units)

Bluetti: Our Top Solar Generator Kit Picks

High Power: BLUETTI AC200MAX Generator Kit (+ 3x PV200)

bluetti solar generator

Price (UK): £2,447 (£3,397)
Price (US): $2,796 ($3,396)

Power (W): 2200
Capacity (Wh): 2048

Cell chemistry: LiFePO4
Weight: 28.1kg / 61.9lbs (AC200MAX), 
7.3kg / 16.1lbs (panel) 
Dimensions: 16.5x11x15.2 in (AC200MAX),
23.2×24.8 in (folded panel) 
Warranty: 48 months (AC200MAX), 12 months (panels)

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (37)

Charging options: AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, dual AC/solar. 
Life Cycles: 3,500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity. AC Charging: 5.5-6 Hours. Solar Charging: 3-3.5 Hours. Car Charging: 10-20 Hours. Scalability: Yes (up to 6,144Wh with 2×B230, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300)

Mid-Range: BLUETTI AC200P Generator Kit (+ 3x PV200)

bluetti solar generator

Price (UK): £1,698 (£2,198)
Price (US): $2,496 ($2,996

Power (W): 2000 
Capacity (Wh): 2000

Cell chemistry: LiFePO4
Weight: 27.5kg / 60.6 lbs (AC200P),
7.3kg / 16.1lbs (panel)
Dimensions: 16.5x11x15.2 in (AC200P), 
23.2×24.8 in (folded panel) 
Warranty: 48 months (AC200P), 12 months (panels)

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (50)

Charging options: AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, dual AC/solar. 
Life Cycles: 3,500+ Cycles to 80% Capacity. AC Charging: 4.5-5 Hours. Solar Charging: 3.5-4 Hours. Car Charging: 10-20 Hours. Scalability: No. 

Outlets include AC, USB-A, USB-C, cigarette lighter port, 12V/3A DC port, 12V/25A RV port, and 15W wireless chargers 

Key Feedback:

  • Many customers praise its performance and reliability.
  • Positive comments include its ability to power various appliances and devices, including refrigerators, microwaves, and electronics.
  • Users appreciate its usefulness during power outages, emergencies, and off-grid living situations.
  • Some customers mention challenges with customer service response times and packaging issues.


  • Reliable: Users say the Bluetti AC200MAX is reliable and provides a sense of security during emergencies.
  • Versatile: Customers appreciate the kit’s ability to support a variety of needs, including RV camping, off-grid living, and backup power for homes.
  • Easy setup and use: Many buyers found it straightforward to set up and operate, with intuitive controls and clear instructions.
  • Good design: Many users mention the generator’s durability and compactness (particularly when compared to traditional gas generators). 


  • Bright LED light: One user mentioned that the On/Off LED light is annoyingly bright, suggesting that it could be improved for better night-time use.
  • Lack of detailed instructions: Some buyers reported that setup was a bit confusing, saying they had to rely on YouTube videos.  
  • LED screen visibility: One customer said they have poor eyesight, and said the LCD screen wasn’t great for those with vision impairments. 
  • Weight and portability: Some reviews mentioned that it’s heavy which makes it challenging to move around, and that wheels or an extended grab handle would help. 

Key feedback: 

  • Customers are very satisfied with performance and reliability.
  • Users cite its capability to power a range of appliances and devices, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and electronics.
  • Many users praised its usefulness during power outages, emergencies, and off-grid living scenarios.
  • Some users report minor issues with customer service response times and packaging discrepancies.


  • Reliable performance: Users praise the AC200P generator kit for its consistent performance, saying it meets their power needs effectively.
  • Well-packaged: Many customers said the kit was packaged very well and arrived safely. 
  • Versatile: Many praised its versatility, being suitable for both outdoor adventures and indoor applications.
  • Expandable options: Some buyers mention the expandability of the AC200P, referring to the option to add add additional batteries for increased power capacity.
  • Efficient charging: Users were very impressed by the speed of charging.


  • Noisy fan: Some users found the fan to be quite loud, especially when used indoors or in close proximity.
  • Lack of loops on folding panel: One customer said an improvement would be to have loops on the corners of the folding panel which would help secure it on windy days.
  • Parasitic power draw: One user mentions experiencing parasitic power draw, which reduces the battery’s overnight capacity despite sufficient solar input during the day. However, they still consider it a worthwhile purchase given its performance and value for money.

EcoFlow: Our Top Solar Generator Picks

High Power: EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Solar Generator (2x PV220W)

bluetti vs ecoflow: solar generator

Price (UK): £2,797
Price (US): $2,799 ($3,197)

Power (W): 2400
Capacity (Wh): 2048

Cell chemistry: LiFePO4 
Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg)
Dimensions: 19.6 × 9.5 × 12 in (DELTA 2 Max) 
Warranty: 5 years (DELTA 2 Max), 24 months (panels)

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (7)

2x PV220W panels; other quantities available 

Mid-Range: EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Solar Generator (1x PV220W)

bluetti vs ecoflow: solar generator

Price (UK): £958 (£1,198)
Price (US): $999 ($1,248)

Power (W): 800
Capacity (Wh): 768

Cell chemistry: LiFePO4 
Weight: 17.2 lbs (7.8 kg) 
Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.2 x 8.9 in (270 x 260 x 226 mm) (RIVER 2 Pro) 
Warranty: 5 years (RIVER 2 Pro), 12 months (panels)

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(9)

2x PV220W panels 

Key Feedback:

  • High performance: Customers consistently praised it for its strong performance, particularly its ability to run high-power appliances and maintain charge during use.
  • Versatile and practical: It is described as versatile by many, being used in various settings from mountain tops to home offices, and handling emergency power needs effectively.
  • Portable: Many reviews mention the compact and easy-to-fit design of the battery, which makes it both portable and practical for a variety of environments.
  • App connectivity: Many customers liked the app that allows users to monitor and manage the generator’s settings and performance.
  • Immediate utility: Many users mention being happy with the immediate utility of the Delta 2 during power outages and emergencies. 


  • Build quality: Many customers said it feels sturdy and well-made.
  • Effective for heavy-duty use: Many say the generator is capable of handling heavy loads, such as running refrigerators and CPAP machines, without issues.
  • Aesthetic and functional: Customers say it looks good and functional, fitting well in both rugged and indoor settings.
  • Rapid charging: The Delta 2 charges quickly, and effectively uses solar panels for maintaining its charge, which is crucial for extended off-grid use.
  • App features: Users like the app, which provides detailed control and monitoring options, which users find very useful for managing power usage.


  • Incomplete kit/bundles: A couple of customers said their packages arrived without all necessary components, such as the connecting cable for solar panels. 
  • Initial setup challenges: Apparently the initial setup isn’t totally clear for some, due to missing components or unclear instructions.

Key Feedback:

  • Versatile usage: Users are happy with the range of activities they can use it for, including camping, running outdoor lights, charging devices, and powering essential home appliances.
  • Solar integration: Many users say it charges well using solar power.
  • Good packaging: Several customers say it arrived well-packaged, is easy to set up, and starts functioning effectively right out the box.
  • Quiet: Many users comment that it operates quietly, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


  • Fast charging: The generator charges devices quickly, and many like the option to charge via solar power or a household outlet. 
  • Portable and user-friendly design: Many think it’s portable and user-friendly, with some mentioning the quality of the carrying case for solar panels that doubles as a stand.
  • Safety and battery quality: Many customers are happy with the LiFePO4 battery, as it’s safer and more efficient than traditional lithium batteries.
  • Reliable: Users say it effectively powers essential items like phones and lights, making it a reliable choice for emergency or travel use.


  • Complex setup for accessories: Some customers say they found setting up accessories like the solar panel stand complicated, and that it requires practice.
  • Limited Wi-Fi capability: A couple of users were disappointed that the unit only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, not 5 GHz, affecting those who have moved exclusively to the faster band. 
  • Labeling issues: Some suggested that the generator could be improved with better labeling on its ports and controls to help with easier use. 
  • Specific compatibility issues: One customer mentioned the generator not being compatible with certain devices, like an electric blanket, which could be a limitation for some. 

What are Bluetti and EcoFlow best known for?

Bluetti’s High-Capacity Power

Bluetti has earned a reputation for its high-capacity power stations, designed to meet a variety of energy needs. From compact, portable models perfect for camping trips to robust units capable of powering an entire home during outages, Bluetti covers a wide spectrum. We will discuss batteries in a later section, but another point to mention is that Bluetti’s newer models use LiFePO4 batteries, which are known for their long life and safety, ensuring durability and reliability.

EcoFlow’s Charging Speed

EcoFlow, on the other hand, pride themselves with having the fastest-charging portable power solutions on the market. Their flagship product, the EcoFlow DELTA, can be charged by up to 80% in under an hour. EcoFlow’s product line extends from the ultra-portable EcoFlow RIVER series to the more robust DELTA Pro, catering to a broad range of applications from quick outdoor excursions to emergency home power backup. 

Battery Chemistry

Battery chemistry is so important to consider when purchasing a portable power station. It’s not just the battery’s capacity and lifespan which matters – the battery chemistry also tells you about the stability (and hence safety) of the power station. And on this topic, Bluetti and EcoFlow do tend to differ – Bluetti use LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, whilst EcoFlow use a mix of NMC (nickel manganese cobalt oxide) and LiFePO4. 

Bluetti's batteries

Bluetti primarily uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4, also known as LFP) batteries in their portable power stations. These batteries are known for their durability and safety, and they are also known for being heavier than the alternatives.

LiFePO4 batteries can handle 2,500 to 3,500 charge cycles without significant degradation, making them highly suitable for long-term use. This type of battery can be fully discharged down to 0% without affecting its lifespan, which is projected to be around 20 years or more.

Bluetti’s choice of LiFePO4 batteries in their products makes their power stations particularly valuable for in-home backup use and for anyone looking for a reliable power source that will last for decades. 

EcoFlow's batteries

EcoFlow offers a mix of battery types in their portable power stations, including both the older lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) batteries and the newer lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, also known as LFP) batteries.

    • NMC batteries: These are lighter and generally less expensive but have a shorter lifespan, lasting about 500 charge cycles. NMC batteries are also less stable, which poses a safety risk. They are designed to be used down to only 60-80% of total capacity and recharged frequently. This type is suitable for applications where the power station needs to be lightweight and portable, such as for camping or occasional device charging.
    • LiFePO4 batteries: As explained above, these batteries offer a longer lifespan and greater safety compared to NMC batteries. Suitable for frequent and regular discharge, LiFePO4 batteries can support substantial power needs without degradation, making them ideal for more demanding applications and in-home backup systems.

In summary, Bluetti focuses on using LiFePO4 batteries for their enhanced safety and longevity, making them a solid choice for serious, long-term power needs. EcoFlow provides options with both NMC and LFP batteries, catering to a wider range of needs from lightweight, portable solutions to more robust, long-lasting power supplies. This variety means you can choose the right fit for you, based on your specific requirements for portability and battery life. 

In our opinion, despite the higher cost and weight associated with them, LiFePO4 are always the best choice due to their safety. 

Solar Panels

Both brands supply a range of solar panels, fit for different budgets, outputs and needs, which can be paired with their portable power stations. Whilst Bluetti only provide portable solar panels, EcoFlow supply both portable and mountable options. 

Below, we will give a summary of our top picks for budget and premium needs. 

Please note that if purchasing solar panels to be paired with Bluetti or EcoFlow portable power stations, we recommend viewing the product page for the power station/generator in question to see which panels are recommended – buying in bulk (i.e. purchasing a complete solar generator kit of power station + panels, versus purchasing the power station and solar panels separately) often gets you a discount, but also ensures compatibility. 

Bluetti's solar panels

Budget: BLUETTI PV120

bluetti vs ecoflow: solar panels

Price (UK): £229 (£329)
Price (US): $279 ($299)

Power (W): 120

Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency: 23.4%
Weight: 12.59 lbs (5.7 kg)
Unfolded: 21 x 65 in (53.3 x 165.2 cm)
Folded: 21 x 18.5 in (53.3 x 47 cm)
Warranty: 12 months 

Not splash-proof

Premium: BLUETTI PV420

bluetti vs ecoflow: solar panels

Price (UK): n/a
Price (US): $849 ($999)

Power (W): 420

Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency: 23.4%
30.8 lbs (13.9 kg)
Unfolded: 105.3 x 38.3 in (90.5 x 240cm)
Folded: 38.3 x 25.9 x 1.7 in (90.5 x 61.3 x 6.5 cm)
Warranty: 12 months

Splash-proof, has kickstand for easy setup

Bluetti offers a range of portable solar panel options, both new and refurbished. Their portable panels are lightweight, durable, and designed for easy setup, making them suitable for on-the-go energy needs. 

Of Bluetti’s portable solar panel range, their most affordable option (not including refurbished models) is the PV120, priced from $279. This model is lightweight at 12.57 lbs (5.7 kg), with dimensions of 21 x 65 in (53.3 x 165.2 cm) when unfolded, and 21 x 18.5 in (53.3 x 47cm) when folded. It has up to 23.4% efficiency, using monocrystalline solar cells. 

  • Power: 120W
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon 
  • Efficiency: up to 23.4%
  • Design: Long-lasting ETFE coating, foldable, portable
  • Durability: Not splash-proof 
  • Compatible with: Most solar generators with MC4 connectors

Bluetti’s more premium portable solar panel, the PV420, is priced from $849. It weighs 30.8 lbs (13.9 kg) and measures 105.3 x 38.3 in (90.5 x 240cm) unfolded, and 38.3 x 25.9 x 1.7 in (90.5 x 61.3 x 6.5 cm) when folded. It has the same cell efficiency as the PV120 of 23.4%, and durability for off-grid use. 

  • Power: 420W
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon 
  • Efficiency: Up to 23.4%
  • Design: Long-lasting ETFE coating, foldable, portable, with a kickstand for easy setup 
  • Durability: Splash-proof
  • Compatible with: BLUETTI AC200P, AC200MAX, AC300, AC500, EB150, EB240, EP500, EP500Pro

EcoFlow's solar panels

Budget: EcoFlow 60W Portable Solar Panel

bluetti vs ecoflow: solar panels

Price (UK): £149
Price (US): $139 ($249)

Power (W): 60

Cell type: Monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency: 23.4%
Weight: 8.8 lbs (3.2 kg)
Folded: 21 x 16.5 x 1 in (53.7 x 42 x 2.4 cm)
Unfolded: 21 x 32.1 x 1 in (53.7 x 81.5 x 2.4 cm)
Warranty: not specified 

Can charge RIVER 2 portable power station fully in 5 hours during peak sunlight conditions. 

Adjustable angle with kickstand, and easy one-hand carry design with carry bag. Waterproof with IP68 rating and protective ETFE film. Compatible with most EcoFlow batteries as well as third-party batteries. 

Premium: EcoFlow 400W Portable Solar Panel

bluetti vs ecoflow: solar panels

Price (UK): £849
Price (US): $999 ($1,199

Power (W): 400

Cell type: Multi busbar monocrystalline 
Efficiency: 22.6%
Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg) (with case)
Dimensions: 41.7 x 93.1 x 0.98 in (105.8 x 236.5 x 2.5 cm)
Warranty: 24 months

Comes with protective carry case which doubles as a stand, for adjustable angle. Waterproof with IP68 rating and protective ETFE film. 

Overall, both Bluetti and EcoFlow both offer a good range of portable solar panels. EcoFlow has additional options in the mountable range – not mentioned here as the range is not as broad as their portable options. 

Bluetti’s premium solar panel offering, the PV420, has a higher output than EcoFlow’s most powerful option – 420W compared to 400W – and Bluetti’s is still cheaper, lighter, and with a higher efficiency than the EcoFlow option. The advantage EcoFlow has is that their 400W panel has 24 months of warranty cover as opposed to Bluetti’s 12 months. 

At the end of the day, it depends what sort of power and portability you’re looking for. EcoFlow tend to provide a more budget-friendly range, whilst Bluetti have more powerful options, but personally, I would tend to stick to Bluetti when it comes to choosing portable panels. 

Pricing and Value for Money

Bluetti's Product Pricing

Bluetti offers a diverse range of portable power stations and home battery backup solutions to suit various needs and budgets. In the portable power station category, their lineup spans from the affordable BLUETTI EB3A, priced at £299, offering 600W and 268Wh, to the premium BLUETTI AC200MAX, priced at £1,799, with 2,200W and 2,048Wh capacity. 

Similarly, their home battery backup options have versatility, with the most affordable BLUETTI AC300 + B300 starting at £2,999, providing 3,000W and 3,072Wh capacity, expandable up to 12,288Wh. On the higher end, the BLUETTI EP500Pro + 2/B300 offers premium features like a 5100Wh LiFePO4 battery, 3000W output, and a smart touchscreen, priced at £8,997. 

EcoFlow's Product Pricing

Comparing the same categories to Bluetti, EcoFlow has a range of portable power stations fit to different needs and budgets. Their most affordable models in the portable power station category are the RIVER range, compared to the more premium and high-specification DELTA range. 

The entry-level EcoFlow RIVER 2 is priced at £269, offering a 256Wh capacity and 300W output. One of EcoFlow’s most premium portable power station products is the DELTA Pro + DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery bundle, priced at £5,398, featuring a 3.6kWh capacity expandable up to 25kWh, ideal for home backup needs with its 3600W AC output. 

Conclusion: Bluetti vs EcoFlow pricing

Bluetti and EcoFlow both offer a comprehensive range of portable power stations and home battery backup solutions catering to diverse needs and budgets. Bluetti’s lineup spans from the affordable EB3A to the premium AC200MAX and includes versatile home backup options like the AC300 + B300 and EP500Pro + 2/B300. 

Similarly, EcoFlow provides options like the budget-friendly RIVER series and the high-spec DELTA range, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every customer, whether you prioritize affordability, portability, or robust backup capabilities. 

Conclusion: Bluetti vs EcoFlow

At the end of the day, both EcoFlow and Bluetti are great brands, and very well trusted and respected in the solar storage industry. It’s our belief that you can’t go wrong with either brand, no matter what product range you’re looking at – but you should make your decision based on your budget and power needs. 

Overall, Bluetti stands out with its higher-capacity power stations and durable LiFePO4 batteries, ideal for long-term energy solutions. 

EcoFlow has very rapid charging technology and portable designs – also they tend to be a little on the heavier side than their Bluetti counterparts (which is in line with their range of battery chemistry options). This makes them perfect for users needing quick, efficient power on the move. Their user-friendly interface and fast charging capabilities set a new standard for convenience. 

For those worried about the safety and durability issues of EcoFlow’s products not using LiFePO4 batteries, this is somewhat offset by their longer warranty periods than Bluetti (on average), but if it’s a genuine concern then we would suggest opting for Bluetti and settling for slightly slower charging times. 


Sam is currently studying for a degree in Natural Sciences at Lancaster University, with a special focus on renewable technologies. When not deep in his studies or bouldering with his mates, he is an occasional content contributor and researcher.