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BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station: Review (2024)

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Welcome to our comprehensive review of the BLUETTI AC200P, an all-in-one portable power station released by BLUETTI in 2020. The AC200P offers a substantial 2,000W of continuous power, with a 4,800W surge capability, and a 2,000Wh capacity. This power station uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery that promises over 3,500 life cycles to 80% capacity, ensuring longevity and durability. 

In this article, we will cover the technical specifications of the BLUETTI AC200P, highlight its key features, and explore its various purchasing options. We will also provide an analysis of user feedback and compare the AC200P with similar portable power solutions.

Whether you need a reliable power source for your home during an outage, a robust unit for camping or van life, or an efficient solution for off-grid adventures, our guide will help you determine if the BLUETTI AC200P is the right choice for your specific needs.

BLUETTI, established in 2013, are a well-known provider of solar energy solutions including solar generators, portable solar panels, and home backup systems. They pride themselves in producing all-in-one solar power systems that are easy to install, affordable, and efficient, which are accessible to everyone from residential users to those living off-grid. In addition to their broad product lines, they also offer services to their customers including consultation, installation, and post-sales support.

For more information about BLUETTI and their products, check out our ‘BLUETTI vs EcoFlow’ comparison article. 

Purchasing directly from the brand ensures that you receive the full benefits of the product’s warranty and customer support. When you buy from the brand’s official website, you are guaranteed authentic products, eligible for warranty claims, and have access to reliable customer service. On the other hand, buying from third-party sellers, such as Amazon or other wholesalers, may result in issues with warranty coverage and support.

To ensure you have the best possible experience and support, all our links will direct you straight to the brand’s website and never to third-party sites like Amazon.

Table of contents


    bluetti ac200p
    Price (USD): $1,099 (was $1,499)

    Power (W): 2,000
    Capacity (Wh): 2,000

    Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
    Weight: 60.6 lbs (27.5 kg)
    Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in
    (42 x 28 x 38.65 cm)
    Warranty:  48 months

    Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 (302)

    1x AC200P 
    1x AC adapter
    1x MC4 solar charging cable (MC4 to XT90)
    1x car charging cable (car to XT90)
    1x XT90 to aviation plug (input)

    BLUETTI AC200P + 2x PV200

    bluetti ac200p + 2x pv200
    Price (USD): $1,499 (was $2,199)

    Power (W): 2,000
    Capacity (Wh): 2,000

    Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
    Weight: 60.6 lbs (27.5 kg)
    Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in
    (42 x 28 x 38.65 cm)
    Warranty:  48 months

    Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 (302)

    1x AC200P 
    2x 200W solar panels (400W total)
    1x AC adapter
    1x MC4 solar charging cable (MC4 to XT90)
    1x car charging cable (car to XT90)
    1x XT90 to aviation plug (input)

    Bundle option not available in the UK.

    BLUETTI AC200P + 1x PV350

    Price (USD): $1,699 (was $2,199)

    Power (W): 2,000
    Capacity (Wh): 2,000

    Cell chemistry: LiFePO₄
    Weight: 60.6 lbs (27.5 kg)
    Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in
    (42 x 28 x 38.65 cm)
    Warranty:  48 months

    Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 (302)

    1x AC200P 
    1x 350W solar panel 
    1x AC adapter
    1x MC4 solar charging cable (MC4 to XT90)
    1x car charging cable (car to XT90)
    1x XT90 to aviation plug (input)

    Bundle option not available in the UK.

    Overview of BLUETTI AC200P

    The BLUETTI AC200P is a portable power station, whose size and capacity makes it suitable for various applications, including camping, off-grid adventures, and small-scale home backup. 

    It has a continuous power output of 2,000W and a surge capability of 4,800W, meaning it can power a reasonable range of devices and appliances. Its has a capacity of 2,000Wh and uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery, which gives it over 3,500 life cycles to 80% capacity.

    The AC200P has multiple output options, and the ability to be recharged in seven different ways: AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC + solar simultaneously. It also supports simultaneous recharge and discharge

    Weighing 60.6 lbs (27.5kg) and measuring 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 in (42 x 28 x 38.65 cm), the AC200P is relatively portable given its capacity and power output. Its design and integrated Battery Management System (BMS) provide protection against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. 

    The AC200P does not use BLUETTI app control, which might be a benefit or a drawback depending on your personal tastes. Further, it doesn’t support 240V split phase bonding, and is not in itself a scalable model, however it can be combined with other BLUETTI batteries for increased capacity. 

    Finally, the AC200P does not have UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and should therefore not be used as such – if you are interested in whole home backup solutions, we suggest looking at the EP900

    BLUETTI AC200P: key features at a glance

    Before we go into any more detail, here is a quick overview of the BLUETTI AC200P’s key features: 

    • Output: 2,000W of continuous power with a surge capability of 4,800W.
    • Battery capacity: 2,000Wh capacity using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) batteries, providing over 3,500 life cycles to 80% capacity.
    • Recharge options: Seven ways to recharge the unit, including AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC + Solar simultaneously.
    • Simultaneous recharge and discharge: Supports using and charging the power station at the same time. 
    • Solar compatibility: Supports up to 700W of solar input.
    • Environmental durability: Designed for various environments with robust build quality, though no specific IP rating provided.
    • Safety features: Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) with protections against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting.
    • Warranty: Comes with a 48-month warranty. 

    Power capacity and output

    The AC200P delivers a continuous power output of 2,000W, with a surge capability of up to 4,800W. This means it can handle most household appliances, power tools, and electronic devices without issue. The 2,000Wh capacity is powered by advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery technology, known for its safety, stability, and longevity (particular compared its Lithium ion alternative), and has a lifespan of over 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity. 


    While the AC200P itself is not designed to be inherently scalable, it can be paired with other BLUETTI batteries, such as the B230 or B300, to increase the overall capacity. This feature allows users to extend the operational duration of their power station by adding extra battery modules. However, it’s important to note that adding extra batteries does not increase the unit’s power output, but rather its energy storage capacity.

    Simultaneous recharge and discharge

    Whilst not exactly a standout feature, as many portable power stations do allow simultaneous recharging and discharging, it’s a very useful feature and therefore worth noting that the AC200P does support this. This means that the power station can be charged while still providing power to connected devices.

    This feature is particularly useful in scenarios such as during extended outdoor activities or long-term power outages, where you find yourself needing to top the AC200P up but don’t want to have any interruption in powering devices. 

    Customer reviews say: Customers frequently praise the BLUETTI AC200P for its impressive power capacity and output, highlighting its ability to run multiple high-draw devices simultaneously. Many users have successfully powered refrigerators, microwaves, and even air conditioning units, emphasizing the reliability and robustness of the 2000W inverter. The overall sentiment is that the AC200P meets or exceeds expectations in terms of power delivery.

    Battery expansion options

    The BLUETTI AC200P, while not inherently scalable with additional AC200P units or multiple batteries, does offer some flexibility in terms of battery expansion through the use of an additional BLUETTI battery module – namely, the B230 and B300 batteries. Note that the AC200P can only connect to a maximum of one external battery module. 

    Expansion with B230 and B300 batteries

    The AC200P’s capacity can be increased by combining it with a BLUETTI B230 or B300 external battery pack. The B230 battery adds an additional 2,048Wh, and the B300 battery pack adds 3,072Wh, allowing you to extend the operational time of the AC200P.

    bluetti ac200p expandable battery bundle options
    The BLUETTI AC200P can be purchased with an additional battery pack - the B230 or B300. Purchasing together means a free XT90-P090D cable is included in your purchase.

    Connection and compatibility

    To connect the AC200P with the B230 or B300 battery packs, users will need the appropriate cables (P090D to XT90 cable), which are sold separately (or are included for free in a bundle purchase of the BLUETTI AC200P + B300/B230 – see the ‘Price and purchase options’ section below). This connection enables the AC200P to draw power from the external batteries.

    It’s important to note that while these battery expansions increase the energy storage capacity, they do not increase the AC200P’s power output. The maximum continuous power output remains at 2,000W, with a surge capacity of 4,800W. This means that while the expanded setup can run devices for a longer time, it won’t be able to power more demanding devices than the base unit can handle.

    Practical considerations

    When considering battery expansion, it’s essential to factor in the additional weight and space required for the extra batteries. The B230 or B300 battery pack will add to the overall weight and dimensions of your power setup, which may impact portability. However, for stationary setups or scenarios where extended power is critical, this trade-off can be well worth it.

    Customer reviews say: While users appreciate the substantial battery capacity of the AC200P, some express disappointment over the lack of expandable battery options. Unlike some newer models, such as the AC200 Max, the AC200P does not support multiple battery packs, which limits its scalability. However, the built-in capacity (and option for connecting with one battery) is generally deemed sufficient for most users’ needs.

    Solar input capabilities

    Like other BLUETTI portable power stations, the AC200P offers a nice range of charging options, making it a versatile and flexible power station for various scenarios. You can recharge the AC200P using AC power, solar panels, a car, a gas generator, lead-acid batteries, dual AC inputs, and a combination of AC and solar simultaneously. 

    For reference, the AC200P can be fully charged via car in 18 hours (at 12V) and or 9 hours (at 24V). 

    Solar compatibility

    The AC200P supports a maximum solar input of 700W. As a rule of thumb, you should always charge your portable power stations with solar panels from the same brand as your power station, and particularly check to see if there are particular solar panel models that are compatible or recommended. 

    For example, BLUETTI recommend the PV120, PV200, and PV350 solar panel models to be used with the AC200P, which have the following charge times (under ideal conditions): 

    • 6x BLUETTI PV120: ~3.5hrs
    • 4x BLUETTI PV200: ~3.5hrs
    • 2x BLUETTI PV350: ~3.5hrs

    The AC200P supports an open circuit voltage range of 35 – 150V and up to 12A of current input. 

    Dual AC/solar input

    The AC200P has the ability to accept simultaneous solar and AC charging. This dual charging capability allows users to combine solar and AC input to achieve a maximum combined input of up to 1,200W. This means that, under optimal conditions, the AC200P can be fully charged in approximately 2.2 to 2.7 hours when using both solar and AC inputs together.

    Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

    The AC200P is equipped with a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, which optimizes the solar input and improves charging efficiency. The MPPT feature ensures that the AC200P can maximize the energy harvested from the solar panels, even under varying weather conditions. This results in faster and more reliable solar charging.

    PV input protection features

    The AC200P includes several protection features for its solar input, including reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection. These safety measures help protect both the power station and the connected solar panels from potential damage during charging.

    Customer reviews say: The solar input capabilities of the AC200P receive high marks from users, particularly for its efficiency and compatibility with various solar panels. Many customers find the 700W solar input more than adequate, noting that it allows for quick recharging even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. The flexibility of solar charging is a standout feature appreciated by off-grid enthusiasts.

    Home appliance compatibility

    Thanks to its multiple output ports, the BLUETTI AC200P is designed to power a wide range of home appliances and devices, making it a versatile solution for both everyday use and emergency situations. 

    Example appliance running times

    The BLUETTI AC200P’s continuous output of 2,000W and surge capability of 4,800W makes it suitable for powering kitchen appliances like blenders and coffee makers, entertainment devices like projectors and TVs, and even essential items like refrigerators and air conditioners. For instance:

    • Coffee Maker (1150W): Can run for approximately 1.5 hours.
    • Electric Grill (1100W): Can run for approximately 1.5 hours.
    • Air Conditioner (5,000 BTU): Can run for 1-4 hours depending on the load.
    • Car Fridge (70W): Can run for up to 20 hours.
    • CPAP (40W): Can run for 30-40 hours.

    Output ports

    • 6x 120V AC outlets: For standard household appliances and electronics
    • 1x 12V/25A RV port: Ideal for RVs and large DC-powered appliances
    • 1x 12V/10A car outlet: Suitable for car-powered devices
    • 2x 12V/3A DC ports: For smaller DC appliances
    • 1x 60W USB-C port: For charging devices like laptops and tablets
    • 4x USB-A ports: For various USB-powered devices
    • 2x 15W wireless charging pads: For smartphones and other wireless charging-enabled devices

    Safety features

    The AC200P includes several safety features that protect both the power station and the connected appliances. These features include overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection, ensuring safe operation even under heavy loads. The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continuously monitors the status of the battery, preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating.

    Dual voltage capability

    The AC200P supports both 120V and 12V outputs, providing flexibility for a variety of devices. This dual voltage capability is particularly useful if you want to power both standard household appliances and DC-powered devices, such as those commonly used in RVs and off-grid setups.

    While the AC200P does not support 240V split phase bonding, it offers enough versatility and power to handle most standard household needs. However, for applications requiring 240V power, you should consider other models in the BLUETTI lineup, such as the AC300 or EP900.

    Customer reviews say: Users are very satisfied with the AC200P’s compatibility with home appliances. Reviews frequently mention the unit’s ability to handle kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, and essential devices during power outages. The ability to use the AC200P for both small and large appliances is a key benefit highlighted in numerous reviews.

    Design and portability

    Here’s a closer look at the BLUETTI AC200P’s design features and portability aspects which make it suitable for both stationary and on-the-go applications. 

    Compact and robust design

    The AC200P is built to be durable and robust, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and the demands of daily power needs. It features a solid outer casing that provides protection against impacts and harsh environmental conditions. The design is relatively compact, with dimensions of 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches (42 x 28 x 38.65 cm), making it manageable to transport and store.

    (For storage, note that it is recommended to keep the power station upright, as long-term placement on its side will make the internal structure loose.) 

    Weight and portability

    Weighing 60.6 lbs (27.5 kg), the AC200P is relatively portable given its high capacity and power output. While it is not exactly lightweight, it is still manageable for most users to carry or transport with ease.

    The unit includes sturdy handles on both sides, allowing for comfortable lifting and carrying, which is particularly useful for outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, or RV trips.

    User interface

    The AC200P includes a user-friendly interface that includes a clear LCD screen displaying key information such as battery level, input/output status, and charging time. This interface allows you to monitor and manage the power station’s performance. The AC200P does not have connectivity via the BLUETTI app, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your preferences – some find it irritating having to rely on a smartphone (and hence the smartphone’s battery, as well as the performance of the phone and the app itself). 

    Additional features

    • Quiet operation: The AC200P operates quietly, making it suitable for use in environments where noise is a concern, such as during sleep or in quiet outdoor settings.
    • Integrated cooling system: The unit is equipped with an efficient cooling system that helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and extending the lifespan of the internal components.

    Customer reviews say: The design of the AC200P is generally well-received, with users appreciating its sturdy build and ergonomic handles. However, its weight is a common point of criticism, making it less portable for some users. Installation is reported to be straightforward, and the unit’s overall aesthetics and build quality are praised.

    Safety and reliability

    Battery technology

    The BLUETTI AC200P uses a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery, which is known for its stability, safety, and longevity. LiFePO₄ batteries have a much lower risk of overheating and catching fire compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. They also offer over 3,500 life cycles to 80% capacity, ensuring that the AC200P will provide reliable power for many years. 

    For comparison, the LiFePO₄ cycle life is around 4-5 times longer than that of NCM lithium-ion batteries. This makes them a more economical option for long-term use, despite being heavier and having a higher initial cost.

    Battery Management System (BMS)

    The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) in the AC200P continuously monitors the health and status of the battery. The BMS provides multiple layers of protection, including:

    • Overcharge protection: Prevents the battery from being charged beyond its maximum capacity.
    • Over-discharge protection: Stops the battery from being discharged too deeply, which can damage the battery cells.
    • Over-temperature protection: Monitors the temperature and prevents the battery from overheating.
    • Short-circuit protection: Detects and prevents short circuits that could cause damage to the battery or connected devices.

    Built-in safety features

    In addition to the BMS, the AC200P includes several built-in safety features to protect both the power station and your devices:

    • Overcurrent protection: Protects against excessive current flow, which can damage connected appliances.
    • Surge protection: Manages sudden spikes in power to prevent damage to sensitive electronics.
    • Voltage regulation: Ensures that the voltage output remains stable, protecting connected devices from voltage fluctuations.

    Certification and compliance

    The AC200P meets various international safety and quality standards, including UL2743, CE, FCC, and PSE certifications. These certifications confirm that the unit has been tested and meets stringent safety and performance criteria.

    Operating temperature range

    The AC200P is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C) for charging, and from -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C) for both storage and discharging. This makes it suitable for use in various environmental conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. 

    Environmental durability

    While the AC200P does not have a specific IP rating for water and dust resistance, its construction ensures that it can handle minor exposure to elements during outdoor use. However, it is recommended to keep the unit protected from rain or extreme weather conditions to prolong its lifespan.

    Customer reviews say: Safety and reliability are strong points for the AC200P, with many users citing its dependable performance during emergencies and power outages. The use of LiFePO4 batteries is frequently mentioned as a major advantage, providing peace of mind due to their stability and long lifespan. The unit’s robust construction also contributes to a sense of reliability.

    BLUETTI AC200P price and purchase options

    The BLUETTI AC200P offers various purchasing options to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you need just the power station or a complete solar kit (with panels and required cables included), there are several bundles and accessories available.

    Purchase options

    • AC200P Portable Power Station
      • (2000W, 2000Wh)
      • Price: Currently on sale for $1,099 ($1,499 full price)
      • This option consists of the AC200P unit alone.

    • AC200P + 1x PV200 (200W Solar Kit)
      • (2000W, 2000Wh) 
      • Price: $1,499
      • This bundle includes the AC200P power station and one PV200 solar panel.

    • AC200P + 2x PV200 (400W Solar Kit)
      • (2000W, 2000Wh)  
      • Price: Currently on sale for $1,499 (was $2,199)
      • This bundle includes the AC200P power station and two PV200 solar panels.

    • AC200P + 1x PV350 (350W Solar Kit)
      • (2000W, 2000Wh)  
      • Price: Currently on sale for $1,699 (was $2,199)
      • This bundle includes the AC200P power station and one PV350 solar panel.

    • AC200P + 1x B300 
      • (2000W, 5072Wh) 
      • Price: Currently on sale for $2,998 (was $3,498)
      • This bundle includes the AC200P power station and one B300 battery module, along with a free XT90-P090D cable.

    • AC200P + 1x B230 
      • (2000W, 4048Wh)
      • Price: Currently on sale for $2,398 (was $2,798)
      • This bundle includes the AC200P power station and one B230 battery module, along with a free XT90-P090D cable.

    Optional accessories

    • BLUETTI PV120/PV200/PV350 Solar Panels
      • PV120: Currently on sale for $249 (was $299)
      • PV200: Currently on sale for $399 (was $499)
      • PV350: $849
    • D050S (DC Charging Enhancer) – $199
    • T500 AC Adapter & DC7909 to Aviation Plug Cable – $149
    • XT90 to DC7909 Cable – $19.90
    • Converter (Dual AC Input) 12V/25A RV Cable (DC Output) – from $29.90
    • P090D to XT90 Cable (Battery Expansion Cable) – currently on sale for $89 (was $99)

    What customers say: The price of the AC200P is seen as a significant investment, but most users feel that it offers good value for money given its capabilities and features. The purchase options, including direct from BLUETTI  and through various online retailers, provide flexibility. Some users take advantage of financing options to manage the cost, and overall, the sentiment is that the quality justifies the price. 

    User feedback and reviews

    Here is a comprehensive breakdown of user feedback and reviews for the Bluetti AC200P.

    Key takeaways:

    • 🔑 Versatile and powerful: Suitable for emergency backup, recreational use, and more.
    • 🔑 High capacity: Can power a wide range of devices, making it ideal for various applications.
    • 🔑 Longevity: LiFePO4 battery offers over 3,500 cycles before dropping to 80% capacity.
    • 🔑 Multiple charging options: Charges via solar, AC, car, and supports simultaneous charging methods.
    • 🔑 Portable design: Despite its weight, handles and compact design make it easy to transport.
    • 🔑 Durable and reliable: Robust construction and consistent performance.
    • 🔑 Quiet operation: Ideal for environments where noise is a concern.
    • 🔑 Detailed interface: Touchscreen works well and provides helpful information on power usage and input/output.


    • High capacity and versatile power output: Users frequently mention the ability to power a wide range of devices, from refrigerators to power tools, making it suitable for both home backup and outdoor activities.
    • ✅ Battery longevity: The LiFePO4 battery technology provides long-lasting performance with over 3,500 cycles before capacity drops to 80%.
    • ✅ Multiple charging methods: The ability to charge via solar, AC, car, and even multiple inputs simultaneously is a major advantage.
    • ✅ Portable yet powerful: Despite its weight, the AC200P’s handles and compact design make it relatively easy to transport.
    • Durability and build quality: Many users appreciate the robust construction and reliable performance.
    • Quiet operation: Ideal for use in quiet environments or where noise pollution from traditional generators would be a problem.
    • ✅ Comprehensive interface: The touchscreen is helpful and provides detailed information on power usage, input, and output.


    • ❌ Weight: At around 60 pounds, the unit is heavy, making it less convenient to move frequently without additional equipment like a dolly.
    • Touchscreen issues: Visibility in bright light is poor, and some users find it difficult to use due to the small size and sensitivity.
    • ❌ Wireless charging: This feature is inconsistent and may not work effectively with all devices.
    • ❌ High self-discharge: Some users report that the unit can lose a significant amount of charge when not in use.
    • ❌ No UPS functionality: The AC200P cannot be used as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), limiting its use in some scenarios.
    • ❌ No app or remote monitoring: Unlike some competitors, there’s no app to monitor or control the unit remotely.
    • Initial setup confusion: A few users mentioned the need for better documentation and clearer instructions for setup and operation.

    Comparison with similar portable power stations

    When comparing the BLUETTI AC200P to other similar portable power stations, several models come up frequently in user feedback. The most commonly mentioned alternatives include the BLUETTI AC200Max and the BLUETTI AC200L. Here’s a closer look at how the AC200P compares against these alternatives: 

    comparison table of bluetti ac200p vs bluetti ac200max vs bluetti ac200l

    Key differences

    • Price:
      • AC200P: $1,599
      • AC200Max: $1,699 (full price; occasionally on sale for $1,199)
      • AC200L: $1,999
    • AC output power:
      • AC200P: 2,000W (4,800W surge)
      • AC200Max: 2,200W (4,800W surge)
      • AC200L: 2,400W (3,600W power lifting mode)
    • Battery capacity and life cycles:
      • AC200P: 2,000Wh, 3,500+ cycles
      • AC200Max: 2,048Wh, 3,500+ cycles
      • AC200L: 2,048Wh, 3,000+ cycles
    • Solar input:
      • AC200P: 700W max
      • AC200Max: 900W max
      • AC200L: 1,200W max
    • Charging speed:
      • AC200P: Dual charging up to 1,200W
      • AC200Max: Dual charging up to 1,400W
      • AC200L: Lightning-fast 2,400W AC input, 0-80% in 45 minutes
    • Expansion capabilities:
      • AC200P: Non-expandable
      • AC200Max: Expandable up to 8,192Wh
      • AC200L: Expandable up to 8,192Wh
    • Ports:
      • AC200P: 17 outlets
      • AC200Max: 16 outlets
      • AC200L: AC, USB-A, USB-C, DC including 48V DC outlet for RVs
    • Weight and Dimensions:
      • AC200P: 60.6 lbs (27.5 kg), 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches
      • AC200Max: 61.9 lbs (28.1 kg), 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches
      • AC200L: 62.4 lbs (28.3 kg), 16.5 x 11 x 14.4 inches


    • Battery type: All models utilize LiFePO4 batteries, known for their safety and longevity.
    • Capacity: The AC200Max and AC200L have the same base capacity of 2,048Wh, slightly higher than the AC200P.
    • App control: Both the AC200Max and AC200L can be controlled and monitored via the BLUETTI App.

    Customer reviews say:

    AC200P: Customers like the AC200P for its reliable power output and extensive port options. However, some feel that the lack of expansion capabilities limits its long-term utility.

    AC200Max: Many customers comment on the AC200Max’s flexibility with expansion options and its versatile charging methods. Users appreciate the broad port selection, especially for RV use, but some find the price a bit high when not on sale.

    AC200L: The AC200L receives praise for its rapid charging capabilities and higher output power. Users value the quieter operation and efficient power management, although the higher price point is noted as a drawback for some.

    By comparing these models, you can better understand which power station meets your specific needs, whether it’s the more budget-friendly AC200P, the expandable and versatile AC200Max, or the high-performance and fast-charging AC200L.

    Summary: Is the BLUETTI AC200P right for you?

    The BLUETTI AC200P is so popular for a reason – it’s a pretty versatile and powerful power station, and is a solid choice for anyone in need of a reliable power solution. 

    The AC200P stands out for its durability and power capacity. It’s particularly well-suited for users who need a dependable power source without worrying about expandability (although it is possible to increase capacity with an additional B230 or B300 battery unit, as discussed previously). If you’re planning extended off-grid trips, its efficient solar charging capability will keep your devices running smoothly.

    However, the AC200P is on the heavier side, weighing in at 60.6 lbs, which might be a drawback if you need something more portable. 

    If you are looking for an option with UPS and even faster charging, you might want to consider the AC200L, which is a great alternative for a slightly higher budget. If the AC200Max is on sale, this may be an even more appealing option – its expandability allows you to increase your capacity significantly, making it a better choice if you anticipate growing power needs.

    In summary, if you need a reliable, powerful, and versatile power station and can manage its weight, the AC200P offers excellent value. It’s a great all-around performer that meets a variety of needs, especially for those who don’t require expandable capacity.


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