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BLUETTI EP900 Home Backup: Complete Review (2024)

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Welcome to our complete overview of the BLUETTI EP900, one of BLUETTI’s lineup of home energy storage systems that was released in May 2023. The EP900 has expandable capacity from 9.9KWh – 19.8KWh with 2-4 of BLUETTI’s B500 battery units. 

In this article, we will take you through the EP900’s technical specifications, highlight its key features, and its various purchasing options. Additionally, we will provide an analysis of user feedback and compare the EP900 with similar backup solutions. Whether you are looking to secure your home against power disruptions or aiming to integrate more sustainable energy sources, our guide will help you determine if the EP900 meets your specific energy requirements.

A whole-house backup system is a reliable and comprehensive solution to power outages, ensuring that your home remains functional during power outages and grid failures. These systems are crucial for maintaining essential appliances like refrigerators, air conditioning, and heating, minimizing disruption to daily life. They are especially valuable in areas prone to severe weather conditions, or where power reliability is a concern. 

Investing in a whole-house backup system not only enhances your home’s resilience against outages, but also contributes to energy independence by integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar power.

At the time of writing, the EP900 is only available in the US. Customers from other parts of the world looking for a similar solution might consider the EP500 Pro as an alternative. 

BLUETTI, established in 2013, are a well-known provider of solar energy solutions including solar generators, portable solar panels, and home backup systems. They pride themselves in producing all-in-one solar power systems that are easy to install, affordable, and efficient, which are accessible to everyone from residential users to those living off-grid. In addition to their broad product lines, they also offer services to their customers including consultation, installation, and post-sales support. 

For more information about BLUETTI and their products, check out our ‘BLUETTI vs EcoFlow’ comparison article.

Table of contents

    BLUETTI EP900 +
    2x B500

    bluetti ep900 + 2x b500 batteries

    Price (US): $10,298

    Output (W): 7,600
    Capacity (Wh): 9,920

    1x EP900
    2x B500 battery units
    1x sub panel (for manual control)

    BLUETTI EP900 +
    3x B500

    bluetti ep900 + 3x b500 batteries

    Price (US): $13,798

    Output (W): 9,000
    Capacity (Wh): 14,880

    1x EP900
    3x B500 battery units
    1x sub panel (for manual control)

    BLUETTI EP900 +
    4x B500

    bluetti ep900 + 4x b500 batteries

    Price (US): $17,298

    Output (W): 9,000
    Capacity (Wh): 19,840

    1x EP900
    4x B500 battery units
    1x sub panel (for manual control)

    Overview of BLUETTI EP900

    The BLUETTI EP900 is a comprehensive home backup solution, which can be used for both grid-tied and off-grid environments. 

    In its most basic form, with 2x B500 battery units, it has an impressive base capacity of 9,900Wh. This is expandable to 14,880Wh with 3x B500 modules, or to 19,800Wh with 4x B500 modules. This makes it easy to customize for a broad spectrum of energy requirements, whether this means for routine daily use, or for extensive emergency backup scenarios.

    The EP900 inverter unit has a rated output of 9,000W (7,600W when using 2x B500), and can handle both 120V and 240V output. Another impressive feat of the EP900 is that it is not only modular in a capacity sense, as mentioned above – you can also combine two EP900 units together, which effectively doubles its output capability to 18kW. Combining two EP900s also means an expanded capacity of up to 39.6kWh with additional B500 modules (a total of 8).  

    BLUETTI EP900: key features at a glance

    Before getting into any more detail, here’s a quick overview of the BLUETTI EP900’s key features:

    • Power and scalability: Output of 9kW of continuous power, expandable up to 18kW when two units are connected in parallel. Accommodates both 120V and 240V appliances. 
    • Expandable storage: Starting capacity of 9.9kWh, which is expandable up to 19.8kWh with the addition of up to four B500 battery modules. 
    • Solar compatibility: Supports solar input of up to 9kW. 
    • Dual-mode functionality: Can operate both on-grid and off-grid, offering an ‘uninterruptible power supply’ (UPS) with a switch-over time of <10ms to maintain power without interruption during outages.
    • ‘Smart’ system management: Monitoring and control is possible with the BLUETTI app, accessible via WiFi or Bluetooth. 
    • Environmental durability: IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, allowing safe installation both indoors and outdoors. 
    • Quiet and safe operation: Noise level of ≤50 dB, and uses reliable LiFePO₄ battery chemistry which is known for its safety, stability, and longevity. 
    • Protection features: Features include anti-islanding, overcurrent, short-circuit, and over-temperature protections. 
    • Warranty: Comes with an outstanding 10-year warranty. 

    Power capacity and output

    First things first – the most basic form of the EP900 comes as 1x EP900 unit and 2x B500 battery units. This gives it a continuous output of 7,600W and a capacity of 9,900kWh. This is of course a significant starting point, but the modularity of the EP900 and B500 means it can be expanded not just in terms of the capacity, but also the output.


    When using a single EP900, its capacity can be increased from 9,920Wh with two B500 units, to 14,880Wh with three B500s, or to 19,840Wh with four B500 modules. Also note that its rated output increases from 7,600W with two B500 units to 9,000W with three or more B500s.

    Then there’s the modularity of the EP900 itself – two EP900 can be combined together to extend your output to 18,000W. Doing so will of course effectively double your total investment, as with an additional EP900 you will also need to invest in additional B500 batteries – and the simplest EP900 + 2x B500 bundle already has a steep price tag. (We will go into pricing a little later in this article.) But if you don’t have particular budget constraints, and you want to get the most robust home backup solution possible, this is certainly one to consider – maxing out with a setup of 2x EP900 and 8x B500 will give you a whopping 18,000W output and 39,600Wh capacity.

    BLUETTI EP900 expandability graphic

    This scalability allows users to adjust the system’s capacity based on their specific power requirements. The dual-unit setup not only doubles the output but also provides the flexibility to further increase capacity, and manage higher power loads or extend backup power duration during outages. 

    It should be noted that the EP900 only supports B500 batteries – up to four B500 units per EP900 unit. It is not compatible with other battery types, even others from BLUETTI like the B300, B300S, or B230.

    Uninterruptible power supply

    Finally, the EP900 also has a ‘uninterruptible power supply’ (UPS) feature that switches on in less than 10ms during power outages, ensuring continuous power without manual intervention. This is an essential feature to look out for in your home backup system if you need to ensure the continuous running of equipment in the event of a power outage. 

    Battery expansion options

    As discussed above, the BLUETTI EP900 has a modular design, allowing users to customize their system based on specific power needs. The base unit can be expanded with B500 battery packs, each offering 4,960Wh of energy storage. Here’s a breakdown of how the system can be configured:

    • Minimum configuration: The EP900 starts with two B500 batteries, providing a total of 9.9kWh of energy storage (and a 7.6kW output, increasing to 9kW with three or more B500 batteries). 
    • Maximum configuration: Up to four B500 batteries can be connected to a single EP900 unit, expanding the total energy storage capacity to 19.8kWh. For two EP900 units, this means up to eight B500 batteries, for a capacity of 39.68kWh. 

    There are two important caveats to note. Firstly, the compatibility – the EP900 system is exclusively compatible with B500 battery packs. It does not support integration with other battery models like the B300 or B300S. Secondly, the installation of expandable units – expansion requires careful configuration to ensure safety and efficiency. The system must be configured to balance the load across the available batteries effectively.

    (For safety reasons, the EP900 itself cannot be installed by the user, and must instead be installed by a licensed electrician. Part of BLUETTI’s customer service is to provide authorized installers to perform the EP900’s installation.)

    Solar input capabilities

    The BLUETTI EP900 is compatible with both solar and grid power inputs. It can be charged via AC from the grid or by using solar panels, offering a maximum input capacity of 9kW (this is the figure for combined input – both solar and AC). This dual charging ability allows the system to be fully charged quickly and efficiently. 

    Simultaneous charging

    The EP900 is able to accept both solar and grid power simultaneously – allowing it to optimize the use of available solar power while supplementing with grid power as needed. The system will prioritize solar energy over grid supply to help reduce your electricity costs. We are seeing this feature – charging simultaneously with AC and solar – becoming more common in home energy systems. For example, both the BLUETTI AC500 and the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra support it. So at this point, we believe it should be considered essential when shopping for a new system.

    Solar input

    The BLUETTI EP900 is designed to accommodate a significant solar input, making it suitable for various off-grid applications. It can handle up to 9kW of solar power when connected with four B500 battery packs. With three B500 packs, the system allows for a 7.5kW input, and with two, it supports 5kW.

    The EP900 is equipped with two MPPT (‘Maximum Power Point Tracking’) channels, managing 3,000W and 6,000W. This feature helps to ensure optimal energy capture from the solar panels, converting it with a high efficiency rate. The EP900’s MPPT operates over a voltage range of 150V to 500V, with an optimal rated voltage at 360V, accommodating a variety of solar panel setups in series configurations. 

    The EP900 achieves up to 97% solar inversion efficiency, ensuring that most of the solar energy is converted into usable electrical power with minimal loss. However, it is important to note that the system is not compatible with thin-film solar panels. Additionally, all the solar panels in your array should have the same specifications, and it is recommended that your solar array has a total open-circuit voltage of between 240V – 500V

    PV input protection features

    In terms of safety and reliability, the EP900 includes protection features such as reverse polarity protection, insulation resistance detection, and arcing detection. These safeguards help maintain the system’s integrity and prevent potential issues during energy conversion.

    Home appliance compatibility

    The BLUETTI EP900 can handle a pretty wide range of home appliances thanks to its robust output capabilities. With a single EP900 unit, the system can deliver up to 9,000W of continuous power output, which supports the operation of high-wattage devices like washers, dryers, heaters, and refrigerators. This level of power output ensures that most household appliances can run without issue, making the EP900 a good option for residential energy needs.

    Versatile applications

    For homes with greater power demands, two EP900 units can be linked in parallel to double the output to 18,000W. This expanded output can comfortably power an entire home’s array of appliances, including those with higher energy demands, without the risk of overloading the system.

    The system supports both 120V and 240V appliances, offering dual voltage capabilities. This feature is particularly useful for powering diverse residential and worksite tools and appliances directly from the system, providing flexibility depending on the voltage requirements of the connected devices.

    Safety features

    Additionally, the BLUETTI EP900 possesses safety features to protect against common electrical issues. These include anti-islanding protection, output overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection, which help ensure safe operation across a variety of electrical devices and scenarios.

    Uninterrupted power supply

    Another feature that makes the EP900 particularly suited for use as emergency power backup is its UPS (uninterrupted power supply) transfer of under 10 milliseconds. This capability is crucial for maintaining power to critical home systems without interruption during grid failures, particularly for appliances that need to keep running without any dip in power supply.

    Design and installation

    The BLUETTI EP900 is built to accommodate up to four B500 battery packs per EP900 unit, with its modularity allowing a customizable setup that can reach a maximum storage capacity of 19.8 kWh.


    Installation of the EP900 system is not a DIY task; it requires professional installation to ensure safety and compliance with electrical standards. As part of their customer service, BLUETTI provides a network of authorized installers, and the installation process includes a consultation to confirm the compatibility of the EP900 with the home’s existing electrical systems. This is a vital step for successfully integrating the system without impacting your home’s electrical infrastructure.

    Remote management

    The system is managed via the BLUETTI App, which is accessible via WiFi or Bluetooth. This application allows for real-time monitoring and control, providing users with the ability to set operational modes, check power consumption, and view charging status from anywhere. While the app adds a layer of convenience for some, it’s worth noting that reliance on smartphone-based monitoring may not appeal to all users, particularly those who prefer a more hands-off or less technologically dependent approach. Consider whether the app control is a help or a hindrance for your own needs. 

    Additional design features

    Noise levels are kept below 50 dB, ensuring that the system operates quietly without disrupting daily activities or sleep, which is an important feature for both residential and camping setups.

    The EP900 also comes equipped with comprehensive protection features, including overcurrent, short-circuit, and over-temperature protections, which protect both the system and connected appliances during operation. The unit itself is enclosed in a casing that gives it an IP65 rating, making it resistant to water splashes and dust. Is is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

    Safety and reliability

    The EP900 system’s B500 battery units use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery cells, which are known for their stability and long life span, having life cycles of 4-5x longer than that of lithium ion batteries. LiFePO₄ cells are less prone to overheating and catching fire, which gives them a much better safety profile than alternatives. They also come with built-in battery management systems to prevent overcharging. 

    The unit is built to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures, with charging capabilities functional between -4°F and 104°F (-20°C and 40°C), and discharging capabilities maintaining the same temperature range. 

    For additional system protection, the EP900 comes with the following safeguarding measures:

    • Anti-islanding protection: Prevents the system from feeding back into the main grid during an outage, ensuring safety for utility workers as well as compliance with grid regulations.
    • Output overcurrent and short-circuit protections: Protect against excessive current or short-circuiting, which could damage the system and connected appliances.
    • Over-temperature derating and shutdown: Help prevent overheating by reducing the operating capacity of the system as it reaches critical temperature thresholds, or by shutting down the system if necessary to avoid damage.

    The EP900 also has an IP65 certification, which means it is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle, which means it is suitable to be installed and used both indoors and outdoors. The system’s noise level is also capped at a low 50 dB. 

    Finally, both the EP900 and B500 batteries have a 10 year warranty, which is impressive – most we’ve seen come with a maximum of 5 years. 

    Full specifications for BLUETTI EP900 + B500

    EP900 B500
    Protection grade IP65
    Noise <50 dB <25 dB
    Charging temperature: off-grid 0 – 40°C / 32 – 104°F
    Charging temperature: grid-tied -20 – 40°C / -4 – 104°F
    Discharging temperature -20 – 40°C / -4 – 104°F
    Storage temperature -20 – 0°C / -4 – 32°F (fully cycle the battery every month) -20 – 40°C / -4 – 104°F (fully cycle the battery every month)
    0 – 35°C / 32 – 95°F (fully cycle the battery every 6 months)
    Working humidity: 5-95%
    Working altitude: <2000m
    Protections (off-grid) Output overcurrent protection Temperature adaptive function
    Short-circuit protection Short-circuit protection
    Over-temperature protection
    Protections (grid-tied) Anti-islanding protection Temperature adaptive function
    Output overcurrent protection Short-circuit protection
    Short-circuit protection
    Over-temperature derating
    Over-temperature shutdown
    Protections (PV input) Reverse polarity protection 
    Insulation resistance detection 
    Arcing detection 
    Certifications NEMA 4X (for outdoor use), CA65, FCC, IC, UL1741, IEC62619, IEC60529, IEC60730-1, UL9540 UL9540A, UL1973, UKCA, RCM, PSE, IP65, ICES, FCC, CE, CB

    Real-time monitoring and control

    There are few features as dividing in opinion as generators and backup systems requiring smart phones for remote management of certain features. BLUETTI seem to be incorporating smart phone app controls into most of their new products, despite some customers being quite vocal in their disapproval, as to them it is an additional and unnecessary step and defeats the purpose of being ‘off-grid’. But I digress. 

    The BLUETTI app is accessible via both WiFi and Bluetooth, and allows users to monitor and control their system’s performance in real time, from any location. With the app, users can view statistics such as current power output, energy consumption, and battery status, as well as allowing users to adjust their settings. 

    The EP900 also supports “over-the-air” (OTA) software updates, which means you can update the the system with the latest features and improvements directly through the app. It also integrates an IoT (Internet of Things), which assists with advanced grid communication and smart home integration. Essentially, this means the EP900 can respond automatically to grid demands or changes, and allows the switching to backup power during an outage in less than 10 milliseconds, ensuring virtually uninterrupted power supply. 

    For instructions on how to use the monitoring app, see this video here

    ep900 mobile app interface

    BLUETTI EP900 price and purchase options

    Bundle pricing

    Here is the pricing for each of the EP900 + B500 bundle options: 

    What's included

    The EP900 and B500 are packaged with their essential components for installation and operation. Here’s a summary of the packing list for each: 

    Included with EP900:

    • EP900 inverter
    • Sub panel 
    • Installation brackets, screws, and nuts
    • Various protective covers and organizers for cables
    • IoT controller and grid communication module
    • Comprehensive cable set for installation and connectivity

    Included with B500 battery:

    • B500 Battery Module
    • Installation brackets and screws
    • Battery cables and communication cable
    • Grounding cable

    Optional accessories

    BLUETTI offers the following optional accessories to be purchased alongside the EP900 system: 

    1. Electric Meter (US $129): Essential for integrating existing PV inverters to enable solar energy to feed into the energy storage system via AC coupling.
    2. Power Shelter (US $799): A robust aluminum alloy enclosure designed to protect the BLUETTI energy storage system from harsh environmental conditions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
    bluetti ep900 optional accessories

    User feedback and reviews

    Here is a comprehensive breakdown of user feedback and reviews for the Bluetti EP900 + B500 home backup system. There is a noticeable lack of user reviews for this system – the BLUETTI product page itself only has 3 reviews (albeit, all 5 star reviews), so we’ve trawled through various solar forums, webpages, and videos to compile real-life user experience and feedback. 

    Key takeaways:

    • 🔑 Substantial backup power capacity, particularly useful in areas prone to power outages, or in remote locations 
    • 🔑 Excellent UPS transfer time of under 10 milliseconds during power outages, which is unnoticeable in practice 
    • 🔑 Modular design is handy, and with a very sleek and modern aesthetic 


    • ✅ High power output: The 9kW of continuous power is sufficient to power heavy-duty appliances and most household needs 
    • ✅ Expandability: The system has a reasonable range of expandability options should you need to scale up your system – meaning it’s extra versatile 
    • ✅ Fast switching: The ultra-fast transfer time of 10ms, means users experience virtually no interruption during grid outages 
    • ✅ Dual voltage system: The 120V and 240V output options make it flexible for various home appliances and power tools 
    • ✅ Solar compatibility: Very decent solar input, with the automatic prioritizing of solar power over grid input a particular bonus 
    • ✅ Grid feedback capability: The option to sell back excess electricity to the grid is very cost-effective 


    • ❌ High cost: It’s got a considerable upfront cost, even for the most simple bundle option available. Each expandable B500 battery is also costly. 
    • ❌ Complex installation: The system requires professional installation by a licensed electrician, due to safety reasons, which is a bit of a pain. However, we think this brings peace of mind, and BLUETTI lead the process of consultation and installation.  
    • ❌ App dependency: This is a more general piece of feedback about BLUETTI in general (and quite a subjective one) – some users are resistant to needing a smartphone app for system control, preferring more traditional control interfaces. 
    • ❌ Unreliable customer support: Another general piece of feedback about BLUETTI, but also applicable to all solar product brands unfortunately. Customer support is simply unreliable – some users have good experiences, whilst others complain it is difficult to get in touch with customer support, and that sometimes they don’t follow through. We suggest you should ALWAYS purchase directly through the BLUETTI website, as sometimes warranty doesn’t apply to products purchased from third-party suppliers (even if they’re authorized suppliers). 

    Comparison with similar home backup solutions

    Below, we’ve put together a comparison table outlining the key features of three home backup systems: the BLUETTI EP900, BLUETTI AC500, and EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra. Each system offers unique capabilities and specifications that cater to different needs, from basic home backup to advanced energy management solutions. 

    The table provides a side-by-side look at aspects such as output power, battery capacity, expandability, and special features to help you make an informed decision based on your specific energy requirements.

    bluetti ep900 vs bluetti ac500 vs ecoflow delta pro ultra comparison table

    In summary, we’d say the BLUETTI EP900 stands out for its high power output and substantial base capacity, making it an excellent middle-of-the-road choice for a backup system. The BLUETTI AC500 offers a balance of performance and value, suitable for those with more moderate power needs. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra remains the most robust comparable option of home backup systems, with advanced energy management features and the highest expandable capacity.

    Summary: Is the BLUETTI EP900 right for you?

    The BLUETTI EP900 is a substantial solution for home energy storage, combining high power output and extensive capacity with the versatility of both grid and solar charging. To us, the standout features are the prioritization of solar charging over grid, the BLUETTI app (it’s user-friendly and aesthetically simple), and the ability to sell back excess electricity to the grid can also offer economic benefits. It has a bigger range of expandability than some of its competitors, so it can cater to a wider range of household needs. This also means you don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money for the minimal configuration if you’re not going to need too many battery units. 

    Final notes

    For those who can justify its initial cost, the BLUETTI EP900 provides a robust and reliable power backup that can handle almost all residential needs. It’s particularly beneficial for those in areas prone to power outages or for households looking to significantly reduce their grid dependence.

    However, it’s important to consider the installation requirements and the potential challenges with customer support before making a decision. You should assist your specific needs and the practicality of integrating such a system into your home will to determine if the EP900 is the right choice for you. 

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