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240V Solar Generator: Compare The 3 Best Options (2024)

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If you’re in search of a 220V, 230V or 240V solar generator, chances are you’re based in either the UK, Australia, most of Europe, New Zealand, India, or South Africa. These areas typically utilise a 220V to 240V AC power supply for household and commercial electricity. On the other hand, if you’re in the United States or Canada, you might be more accustomed to a 110V to 120V standard. 

In this article, we will take you through our top picks for 240V solar generators across three different categories, so you can make the best decision for your needs:

    • High power (for running multiple appliances)
    • Mid range (for everyday use)
    • Budget-friendly (options that won’t break the bank) 


Yes, a 230V solar generator will typically work fine with 240V appliances. Most modern appliances are designed to operate within a voltage range – usually from about 220V to 240V – making them compatible with both 230V and 240V power supplies. The slight difference in voltage should not affect the functionality of your appliances. 

The difference between 230V and 240V generators is minor and often comes down to regional electrical standards rather than a significant difference in functionality. Historically, different countries adopted slightly different standards for household electricity supply. For example, the UK and parts of Europe traditionally used 240V, while other regions standardized on 230V. Modern appliances and generators are designed to work efficiently across this small voltage range, so a 230V generator will operate just as effectively with appliances rated for 240V, and vice versa. The discrepancy exists mainly due to historical standards, but in practice, it has minimal impact on the compatibility and performance of electrical devices and generators.

Not at all – the output range of 240V solar generators can vary widely to accommodate different power needs and applications. There is no fixed output range specific to 240V generators; instead, they are available in a broad spectrum of power capacities to suit various demands. You can find compact, portable models with lower outputs around 200W, suitable for charging small devices and electronics, all the way up to larger models offering 2000W or more, capable of running several large appliances simultaneously. 

Volts (V) measure the electrical potential or “pressure” that drives current through a circuit, important for matching the generator’s output with appliance requirements. Watts (W) indicate the power output, showing how much energy a solar generator can deliver. In simple terms, volts tell you if the generator is compatible with your devices, while watts determine how many or which devices you can power simultaneously.

Although definitions vary slightly between brands, for the purposes of this article, all solar generators chosen here are complete kits consisting of portable power stations and solar panels. It is worth nothing that most of these brands also offer a ‘portable power station’ range of products which consist of the same core generator offering, without including the compatible solar panels. 

If you’re interested in solar portable power stations, check out our best picks here: Best Solar Portable Power Stations (2024)

portable 240V solar generator

1) High Power 240V Solar Generator picks

For those looking for substantial energy on the go, high-power solar generators are ideal for powering heavy-duty appliances, extensive remote work setups, or ensuring peace of mind during emergencies. Here are our top choices of high power 240V solar generators, featuring Jackery, BLUETTI, and EcoFlow: 

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus (100W panel)

240v solar generator

Price (UK): £2,599 (1x panel) 
Price (EUR): €2.899 (1x panel)
Price (AUD): $4,199 (2x panels)

Power (W): 3,000
Capacity (Wh): 2,042.8

Output Ports: AC x3 (230V), USB-A, USB-C 
Solar Panel Output:
Warranty: 3+2 years

100W solar panel(s) included – 1x for UK and EUR, 2x for AUS. 


240v solar generator

Price (UK): £1,798 (£2,298)
Price (EUR):1.699 (€2.458)
Price (AUD): $2,943 ($3,778)

Power (W): 2,200
Capacity (Wh): 2,048

Output Ports: AC x4 (220V-240V), USB-A, USB-C
Solar Panel Output:
200W (range of panels for AUS)
Warranty: 4 years 

200W solar panel included for UK and EUR; multiple panel options for AUS. Customers can select bundle. 

EcoFlow DELTA Pro (PV400W)

240v solar generator

Price (UK): £2,848 (£3,548)
Price (EUR):3.748 (€4.048)
Price (AUD): $8,098 

Power (W): 3,600
Capacity (Wh): 3,600

Output Ports: AC x4 (230V/16A), USB-A, USB-C 
Solar Panel Output:
Warranty: 5 year (2 year for panels)

1x 400W solar panel included; option of 1x, 2x, 3x options for UK and EUR. Additional product options available for AUS.  

These options, from Jackery, BLUETTI, and EcoFlow, promise to cater to a variety of needs, whether for home backup, remote work, or powering heavy-duty appliances during outdoor adventures. Here’s why they made it to the top of our list:

  1. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus: This generator offers an expandable capacity ranging from 2-12 kWh and the ability to power devices up to 3000W. It features ultra-fast solar charging thanks to its advanced IBC technology, capable of a full charge in just 2 hours. The long-lasting LiFePO4 battery ensures a decade of reliability, while the unique ChargeShield technology extends battery life by 50%. Its 5-year warranty underscores Jackery’s commitment to satisfaction. Dimensions: 14.1in width, 18.6in height, 14.7in depth, and a weight of 61.5 lbs, this unit includes a Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel for efficient energy capture.

  2. BLUETTI AC200MAX + PV200 Solar Generator Kit: Equipped with a 2,200W AC pure sine wave inverter and a capacity of 2,048Wh, the AC200MAX shines with its versatility and power. It can be expanded up to 8,192Wh, ensuring you have ample energy for any scenario. With 7 different recharging options and a maximum solar input of 900W, this generator can be fully charged in 14 hours, providing convenience and flexibility. This product also has ‘smart control’ available through the BLUETTI app for easy monitoring. The unit’s weight is 61.9lbs, with dimensions of 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches, making it a robust, yet manageable solar generator solution.

  3. EcoFlow DELTA Pro Solar Generator: The DELTA Pro offers unparalleled home backup capability, generating up to 11.2kWh daily with a 3600W AC output. Its solar panels boast up to 23% conversion efficiency, ensuring fast charging times of 0-100% within 3 to 9 hours, depending on the panel setup. With IP68 dust and water resistance, it’s designed to withstand the elements, while the EcoFlow app provides smart remote control. It also supports MultiCharge technology for record-breaking speeds up to 6500W with various charging methods. Weighing approximately 99lbs and measuring 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches, it comes with a solid 5-year warranty for the generator and a 24-month warranty for the 400W Portable Solar Panel.

2) Mid Range 240V Solar Generator picks

For those in need of a reliable energy source that strikes a perfect balance between portability and power, mid range solar generators are the way to go. These units are specially designed for individuals requiring consistent energy for medium-duty appliances, outdoor gatherings, or ensuring smooth operation in remote work environments. Our selection is as follows: 

Anker 555 Solar Generator (100W Panel)

mid range 240v solar generator

Price (UK): £699.00 (£1,139.00)
Price (EUR): (sold out)
Price (AUD): $1,229.99

Power (W): 1,000
Capacity (Wh): 1,024 

Output Ports: AC (230V), USB-A, USB-C 
Solar Panel Output:
Warranty: 5 years

100W solar panel included


mid range 240v solar generator

Price (UK): £1,798 (£2,298)
Price (EUR):868 (1.158)
Price (AUD): $1,448 ($1,878)

Power (W): 1,000
Capacity (Wh): 716

Output Ports: AC x2 (220-240v), USB-A, Car, DC 
Solar Panel Output: 
Warranty: 2+1 year 

200W foldable solar panel included. AUS options include PVMP200W Solar Kit (price shown is for MP200W). 

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 (2x 100W)

mid range 240v solar generator

Price (UK): £999 (£1,539)
Price (EUR): €1.799 
Price (AUD): (not available)

Power (W): 1,000
Capacity (Wh): 1,002 

Output Ports: x2 AC (230V), USB-A, USB-C
Solar Panel Output:
Warranty: 2 years

2x 100W solar panels included. Exact model not available in AUS (however see Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro for similar alternative).

For our mid-power 240V solar generator options, we’ve handpicked three models that offer a balance of capacity, versatility, and cost, giving you the choice of one that suits your needs best. Our picks are as follows, from the brands Anker, BLUETTI, and Jackery:

  1. Anker 555 Solar Generator + 100W Solar Panel: With LPF (LiFePO4) batteries, tts robust design is tailored for outdoor adventures, featuring a 200W solar input for efficient charging and a drop-proof structure. The Anker 555 has a 1024Wh capacity and 1000W output, with 2 AC ports, 3 high-speed USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, a car outlet, and wireless charging. The package includes a 5-year warranty. 

  2. BLUETTI EB70 + PV200 Solar Generator Kit: This kit combines a 716Wh capacity with a 1000W wattage (1400W surge), supported by LiFePO4 battery chemistry with 2500+ life cycles. Its output options include 2 AC outlets, 2 PD ports, USB-A ports, DC outputs, and a car port. With a maximum solar input of 200W, the EB70 can recharge fully in just 3-4 hours with solar panels. Includes a 2-year warranty for the EB70 and a 1-year warranty for the solar panel.

  3. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 (2x 100W panels): This solar generator set provides a quiet and convenient energy solution. It has a 1002Wh capacity with 1000W (2000W surge). The included “SolarSaga” 100W panels optimize solar recharging with an MPPT controller for maximum efficiency. Ideal for RV camping or fishing, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 promises near-silent operation.

3. Budget-friendly 240V Solar Generator picks

As solar generators come with solar panels included, their starting prices are a little higher than the portable power station offerings from these same brands. However, we’ve come up with our top three budget-friendly 240V Solar Generator options: two from Jackery this time (the leaders of budget-friendly solar solutions), and one from EcoFlow: 

Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

240v solar generators: budget

Price (UK): £399 
Price (EUR): €449
Price (AUD): $1,099

Power (W): 300
Capacity (Wh): 288

Output Ports: AC x1 (230V), USB-A, USB-C
Solar Panel Output:
Warranty: 5 years

Jackery’s smallest Solar Generator. Whisper-quiet. 

Jackery Solar Generator 500

240v solar generators: budget

Price (UK): £499 (£759.00)
Price (EUR): €599 (€945,99)
Price (AUD): $1,139 ($1,299)

Power (W): 500
Capacity (Wh): 518 

Output Ports: AC x1 (230V), DC, USB-A 
Solar Panel Output:
Warranty: 2 years 

80W or 100W solar panel options (100W kit option for increased price)

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Solar Generator (PV110W)

240v solar generators: budget

Price (UK): £388 (£518)
Price (EUR):508 (€578)
Price (AUD): $1,148

Power (W): 300
Capacity (Wh): 300

Output Ports: (not specified)
Solar Panel Output: 
Warranty: 5 years (2 years for panels) 


For budget-friendly 240V solar generators, we’ve chosen affordable yet efficient models from Jackery and EcoFlow. These generators are perfect for outdoor activities, emergency power, and more, with features designed for safety, efficiency, and easy use.

  1. Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus: As the smallest solar generator from Jackery, this generator has 288Wh and 300W, making it ideal for light outdoor use and emergencies. It weighs only 5kg and has dimensions of 6.6 x 6.1 x 9.1 in. It fully charges via solar in 4 hours or wall outlet in 2 hours, all while operating quietly and emission-free. 

  2. Jackery Solar Generator 500: Includes the Explorer 500 Portable Power Station and SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel, tailored for outdoor adventures and car camping. The generator is lightweight (6 kg) (5.1  kg panels) and portable. The combination of low maintenance, high portability, and safety features makes it a top choice for those looking to explore solar power on a budget.

  3. EcoFlow RIVER 2 Solar Generator (PV110W): Lightest among our picks at just 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs), the RIVER 2 is capable of generating up to 300Wh daily with a 300W AC output. It reaches full charge in just 3 hours with its high-efficiency panels. The durable LiFePO4 battery, coupled with IP68 dust and water resistance, ensures reliability in various conditions. 


This article explores the best 240V solar generators across three key categories – high power, mid-range, and budget – to help you find the perfect match for your energy needs.

For high power use cases, Jackery, BLUETTI, and EcoFlow offer our favourite options with quick solar charging and large capacities, ideal for heavy usage. Mid-range picks from Anker, BLUETTI, and Jackery balance price with performance, featuring efficient charging and smart controls for everyday use. On the budget side, Jackery and EcoFlow provide affordable choices that are light and easy to use, with fast charging and durable batteries. Each category includes products tailored to different uses, ensuring you can find a solar generator that fits your needs and budget. 

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